Jan 252012
Liquid Laundry Detergent

Purex Crystals
LOOKY – LOOKY WHAT I GOT COOKIE!  Ultra-Packs that makes it so easy peezy a child could do it.  Yes, even your husbands can do it when you’ve got the flu.  Just drop one of those little packets in first, then the clothes & turn her on.  I make sure the clothes are under water before I close the lid… ooops let’s not forget our Purex Crystals.  Ever since I tried those beautiful crystals they have found a home – MINE! 

Those look like the actual size too!  No more pouring and measuring and spilling!  Yep, that’s me first class spiller.  Now, let me tell you a quick story.  You all know, recently I took a fall off my porch and it finally has blown into a full fledged BUMMER!  Having a few medical problems and not walking very well.  Well, I told my husband that on top of the shelf next to the dryer are these new Purex Ultra-Packs and all he had to do is drop in one in the beginning, put the clothes in half way  (don’t stuff – he likes to do that. It drives me nuts), and then just fill the cap with crystals and close the machine.  When the machine is done put it into the dryer on 60 & you’re good to go.  

He opened the dryer when they were done and the smell was beautiful and better yet the clothes were as clean as if I done them myself.  Now PUREX I have one question.  Do you have anything in your box of tricks to teach men how to fold clothes???

Okay, from what I read this product is coming out in February, but do  you want to try it right away!  Yes, they’re going to send me coupons for my readers to get a free package.  Isn’t that cool!  Personally, I don’t know if they’re sending one coupon or more so for now we’ll say one.  PUREX YOU’RE DUH BEST!

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It isn’t just a dream anymore!

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