Feb 172012

Hi Everyone!  I’ve got something I want to get off my chest because it’s really bugging me.  I understand that PR’s/companies want Mom’s with young children at home to review their products like toys, movies/cartoons, clothes, vacuums, food, well just everything that has to do with children/young adults that are living at home.  Okay, I understand that, and I know that some bloggers have their hands full with these reps just filling up their mailbox.

Now, I’ve been a young adult to motherhood to a single mom, worked, and raised four children all by myself.  I had the help of my mom, but mostly my children, and especially my oldest daughter. We worked together, and now they’re grown, married, and have given me nine beautiful grandchildren and I have remarried my soul-mate since then, and am very happy with my entire family.

Okay, I’m a blogger now and above is a very short synopsis of my experience with family.  I go to fill out a form, and the first thing are you married – yes.  Do you have children?  Yes.  How many children under the age of 18 live at home?  0.  Thank  you and have a nice day!  How ridiculous and actually unfair is that?  All you ladies out there over 40 and have children that are grown and out on their own possibly or even still at home did you forget how to put a diaper on a baby or how to wash their clothes or take care of them when their sick?  Did you forget what they like to play with or watch on TV or what they should, and should not have or do or maybe forget how to clean house when children are around or fix things or maybe being past 40 we’re too OLD to know these things.  Isn’t this discrimination?

Do we not have children that come over, and like the old cliche’ goes, “Spoil them and send them home”, but are they not there?  Do we not take care of them?  Don’t some of us watch them while their parents are at work all day long, but yet we still are omitted from these companies to review their products.  CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?  AM I WRONG OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?  I think I’m a pretty good blogger, and aren’t we all still learning something new every day?  Do we not by our young grandbabies clothes, toys etc.  Does this not tell us what company to look into and what ones not too?  Nope, don’t get it at all.  I personally feel some of these companies should broaden their horizons, and take on the ones that are learning, and keep the ones that have already learned. 

Okay, I’ve said my piece.  I feel better now.  Thanks for listening/reading.
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