Feb 252012

Dear Friends:

Hung-Shing Tsang, MD

I wanted to write this Post to you to let you know what has happened in  my life.  My own children doesn’t even know, but my husband and doctors.  Yesterday I went to my Pain Control Managment doctor, Dr. Tsang who is a wonderful man, and a genius of a doctor.  He can almost walk on water (well I guess he could if it was ice ~snicker~).  He gave me my shots for the pain in  my back & leg yesterday called, “Transforaminal (TFSI).  I haven’t had my last shot since November & I needed a walker in the morning to walk out the pain.  I would wake up 2/3 times a night because of the pain.  It’s a very long story, but I’ll give you bits & pieces as time goes on.  This man gave me my life back, and I’m so grateful to  him.  Excrutiating pain is no fun for you, and the ones around you.  My poor husband helped and put up with me ever since this began.  He use to say to me on want the woman I married back again.  Well, she’s coming back slowly, but surely.  So, Dr. Tsang told me something yesterday that hit home (finally).  Lose weight or the pain will be this difficult the rest of your life, and will make matters worse.  So as you see it’s not a question on just looking better.  It’s a question of my LIFE!  Do I want to live happy or do I want to live shortly & miserable?  My friends I WANT TO LIVE!  I have too many things to do to die just yet.

Dr. Mary Gordon.  My Cardio.  My Friend.

Also, I have another doctor on  my side whom I trust and believe in, and who is also my friend.  Dr. Mary Gordon, cardiologist.  Dr. Mary N Gordon DO practices cardiology and internal medicine in Aurora, Illinois. Dr. Gordon graduated with a DO 13 years ago.

Medical School:

Chicago College Of Osteopathic Medicine Of Midwestern University, Midwestern University

Downers Grove, Illinois, United States and Graduated: 1999.  I have high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and over-weight. Also I have Venous insufficiency.  My blood count is the border line to cellulits.  She also said last week it’s not a question of you being overweight anymore it’s a question to lose the weight to lose the pain, and conditions.  So here’s what it all boils down too.  I will give you an update once a week on Saturday to update you.  Today I weigh 261 lbs.  So not happy!  Wish me luck.  I have so many things to do before I meet my maker like taking care of my husband and children and grand-children and I want to see each and every nine grand-child get married  or just be happy with themselves.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  Love to you all I have to wait a couple days before exercising, but the diet has already started.  Not frying with oil (using spray – for me), and I’m going back on  my no white diet, and cutting down on portions.  Well, off to the store to buy fish, fresh veggies, my 35 cal. slice of wheat bread which will only be used on weekend for toast & I love my toast, but it will be cut down to weekend.  This morning I made a 2 egg omelete with cut up fresh spinach, chopped a half an onion, one finely chopped 1/4 of tomato, Mrs. Dash on top & a little parsley  Oh and this brand fit & trim (you can get it at aldi’s) they have light blend of Mexican Cheese (white & yellow) chopped. I sprinkled a tad on top.  mmmmmm it was really good oh and a tall glass of Skim milk (which I like).  Shortly I will have a tall glass of diet raspberry tea.  Maybe a banana for potassium. 

So have a good day my friends,  Wish me luck & any and all suggestions is welcome.  Thanks again for stopping by have a great weekend, and don’t forget about our Monday’s Music Moves Me.  This week is all about commercials.  Put your oldest, funniest, dumbest commercials you can fine.  LOL  Thanks for listening/reading. 

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