Apr 102012
Angelina Anne-Marie 4-09.77 to 8.05.77
My baby girl died from S.I.D.S. at the tender age of four months old and was laid out in her Christening dress made in Italy from her Godfather, James Thomas Seminara R.I.P. (Anne-Marie was after her godmother).  I went to the cemetery to put fresh flowers on her grave along with my mother
Me & Mom (Carmela Mildred/Grandma Vegas) 3.29.21 to 4.20.06 RIP
Her birthday was recently & my daughter, my grandchildren & my cousin and I all went there. My Uncle Jim (my cousin’s dad) we visited too. More recently my sweet cousin Dom who I grew up with.  I miss them so much.  All though it happened so many years ago so many times it feels like it was only yesterday.  I saw this on face book today and wanted to share.
Please keep them in your prayers.  Thank you!

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