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Today I was feeling a bit sad (my previous post explains), but as fate would have it I got this wonderful surprise in the mail to prove to me that Dragonflies are truly magical.  The author “Rosemary Danielis” of “Iris and the Dragonflies” one of my favorite books sent this to me for writing the below review.  How special she has made me feel.  Why almost feel like “Iris”.  Truly my friends is you love magical stories as I do you really need to read this book.  I told a friend of mine, Cheryl at CMash Loves to Read that I really don’t care to read.  It puts me to sleep, but I do love Mythology books, and tales such as Harry Potter, and other in similarity.  Iris and the Dragonflies took me away to the land of enchantment, and blocked out reality if only for a little while.  Thanks Rosemary.  Thank you for the wonderful magical trip, and thank you for the wonder “Magical Dragonfly” to remind me there is a place you can go to be truly happy even if it is a land of make believe… or is it?

Below you will find a recap of my review of this enchanting story that will take you to the parallel universe of a imaginary place we would all like to run too at one time or another.  

At the request of the author, Rosemary Danielis, I received said copy of the above story downloaded to my computer, and it was also sent to me at no charge for my honest opinion.

Iris, a feisty, solitary, eleven-year-old girl prefers being down by the creek near her house more than anywhere else in the world. School is nothing but a joyless prison and uninterested in her classmates she spends each day gazing out the window, waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. Her only friends are the dragonflies who flit through the shoulder high bulrushes growing along the creek’s banks. Iris discovers the dragonflies are more than they appear to be and that she is the key to resolving an age-old battle between light and dark, good and evil. She has the ability to unleash the power of the Earth to restore the balance that has been lost. This however is not what the Solaris have in mind. They are the world’s most powerful Evil and Iris is the only one who can stop them! Will Iris and her friends be able to win this battle? Iris and the Dragonflies is empowering, and a must read for all girls.


     I was amazed when I took this book to review because I am not an avid reader to say the least.  Therefore, I felt not being one, this book should and will get my very honest opinion as well as I can put it.  

In reading the brief synopsis of this book it was about all the things that I knew would catch my interest, and keep me awake long enough to finish it because normally reading puts me to sleep, but not this time.   No, no, no, by no means.  I have been interested in fairy tales and mythology all my life, but this book was different.   This book was smack in the middle of a little girl who I related too when I was growing up.  From the very beginning it caught my interest & it was difficult to walk away.  Iris to me was a very strong individual really, but yet timid and lived in her own little world until she found another world that called to her.  Little Dragon Flies that she realized she could speak to & understand that opened a whole new world for her & that she was the key.   I started to read about Iris, a child who is a bit of a loner, and many a times went off into her own world until she was amazed by the one that drew her in, and the adventure she was about to begin.  Being the same as a child so I started relating from the very beginning.  Then she had a teacher who I believed recognized her quality within, and from the beginning understood her need for understanding especially when her first friend (a dragonfly met it’s fate due to a bully), and the teacher gave it back to Iris to do what she must.

As I read this story it became more of a place that I could go to, and forget about reality, and hide within the realm of the author’s fantasy.  The author had a way to pull you in with emotional thoughts, and heartwarming scenes, but yet keep you on the edge of your chair with her mythical characters.   At times they were a bit complex, but as you read on you were back in a comfort zone smiling and giggling at the author’s whimsical way of explaining a scene, but yet pictorial and totally spell binding.

If I may insert here I would like to apologize to the author for taking so long to do this review, and it was not because of lack of interest, but lack of time due to circumstances beyond my control.  I would also like to thank this author for opening a whole new world to me.  I have a few medical problems that cause pain, but when I sat to read this book I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling & falling into the world with Iris and her friends, and all the characters that kept her looking and searching for the truth, and a solution.  I walked where Iris walked and saw what she saw, and felt warmth of friendship when she felt the warmth, but yet shivered at the terror.   I highly recommend this story to children of all ages, and adults with the a heart filled with curiosity of another world that could be.  Yes, this author has a very talented gift that she wants to share with all of us, and she shared with me a new life in the world of books to take me from the sorrow, and pain of reality.  Thank you my new friend.  May this world treat you with as much patience, and kindness as you have afforded us, and give you your just rewards for such a wonderful story.

Just on more thing if there is a Part II I hope you will consider me to review that one also, and too my readers if you have something you need to get off your mind, and want to relax in a different realm I highly recommend this book.  This book was very entertaining, and kept me spell bound at times almost in the sense that you could actually feel like you were on another plain watching the sky and waiting… waiting… waiting…

Let me reiterate the author has a way with words, and held my interest to where I hated to walk away, and because it was downloaded to my computer I could not take it with me to read elsewhere.  Many a time what may happen next, and what was waiting around the corner, and each time I was wrong, and expressly surprised, but yet delighted.  What a vivid imagination of a parallel universe, and experience of literature.  Many times I was in awe at such a turn in the story, and never would’ve thought it would lead to such an ending, but is it the end…
About the Author

Rosemary Danielis grew up in a part of Montreal, Quebec, Canada that no longer exists. The creek in the woods behind her small apartment is now an industrial development. Rosemary pursued her passion for literature and obtained a degree in English and Communications from McGill University. Rosemary has also written numerous online articles which can be found on her website: www.RosemaryDanielis.com. “Iris and the Dragonflies” was written for her children who rekindled her love for books and fantastical stories. Rosemary still lives in Montreal, the woods and the creek live on in her heart while the bugs and the flowers thrive in her beautiful garden. www.IrisAndTheDragonflies.com.  On top of all that she is also a very sweet person for sending me such a wonderful surprise.  Thanks again Rosemary!

Disclaimer: I received one copy of the above story mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  Also, the Author Rosemary, also my friend sent me the picture above all on her own.

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