Apr 122012

Hi Everyone!  This is my Weight Be Gone Thursday for me.  If you’d like to follow me in my journey you are welcome.  If you’d like to share your own journey feel free to sign my linky below, and I’ll come visit you.  The reason I’ve started my journey is I had a rude awakening to the reality of life in that I’m not getting any younger, and if I still wanted to lead a fun, and  happy life I had to make some serious changes.

Last week I was 253 lbs. & as of this morning hurrah I’m back to 250 lbs. don’t ask me how, but I am.  Want to apologize to you all this will be short post today because I’m at my daughter’s babysitting & my laptop is not picking up a signal that well & I had to wait forever for my Post to come up.  I was going to put the great recipe up today, but it you’ll go on my Pinterest you’ll see I’ve been collecting a few diet recipes that look really good.  My daughter who is in Florida right now (Disney sent her) is there for the red carpet on “Chimpanzee”, and some other stuff at Disneyland I believe.  I think I might be taking a ride home just because I miss my house & my “Baby” our black lab.  I LOVE MY HOME! Hubby has made it quite comfortable there for me.  I never had the stuff I have now.  I always kid him and say, “I got STUFF”, & he smiles & chuckles a bit at me.  Yep, he’s a good ol’ boy if ya gotta have one. 

Guess I’ll go finish working on my taxes for now cuz this puter is driving me nuts besides… oh wait, that’s right TIME TO GO FOR A RIDE!  AS ET SAYS….  HOOOOMMMMMME!  Besides I have to be back here to pick up my other two grand kids anyway before three.  Adios my friends & wish me luck for the upcoming week, and oh…  still waiting to stain the porch ( cuz it’s treated), and they started our new patio today out in front next to the new porch.  WOO HOO!  But that’s another Post.

Thank you to you all for being here for me to kinda help me when I got the blues.  My Kayla, Callie, Stacy, Lori, Cheryl, Liz and Naila-Moon, Jana, Denise, Cathy Kennedy, and naturally the one that makes me laugh is W.C. Camp and if I’ve forgotten anybody in particular I’m sorry, but all of you not anyone person.

Oh and I’m sorry I tried to do the linky, but it was taking forever.  Next week for sure or maybe I’ll try to put it in when I get hoooommme!  Okay, off to wake my Shawnie up. He had a bit of a melt down yesterday to wake up & find no Mommy, but after that he was a complete Angel for me.  Such a sweetie.  My granddaughter has been my right arm and my SIL I new he was a good husband for my daughter cuz he loves her & these kids so much, but after working hard all day & he comes showers & he starts in taking care of these kids, helping me cook and gave them baths & played games with them and fooled around like play wrestling and they way he speaks to his daughter my Bri, is so so sweet you can just hear the love besides see it.  Yes, he’s a great dad.  So more later I’m going hommmme, so I can be back on time (I live 45 minutes away).  Hugzzzzzz to all!  Thanks again.  Muuuuwaaahhhhh’

I’m HOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE & I LOVE IT HERE, BUT TIME TO GO BACK UNTIL TOMORROW when I’m HOME for good!  WOO HOO!  I missed my house & my stuff, but it’s fun being with the grandkids too.  HERE’S THE LINKY!  FOUND TIME TO DO IT HERE! 

If you wanna leave me tips on a diet or a real good recipe with low cal I’d appreciate it.  Love you all!  HugZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  HAVE A GREAT DAY!  SURE IS NICE OUT!  ooooooooooooooooo  WALKING TIME!

Thanking you for stopping by, and listening. I do have a button to the left if you’d like it so you can come back next Thursday. If you’d like to join me in my journey – make a spreadsheet like me and sign my linky & we’ll follow this yellow brick road to the wizard and ask him for a new body!

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