Apr 132012
Alicia at More than Words started “Friday Photo Flashback. I’m having a blast & you can too! Dig out your photo album! Alicia is back!  Woo Hoo!  Welcome back Alicia. So everyone stop by Alicia’s and hook up with her after you pull out your old pictures to share with us.

* These are my mother’s two sisters.  My Aunt Tillie & Aunt Nina. The little boy is my cousin Tommy who is now 64 yrs. old.  Across the street there was torn down to build I55, but Grandmother’s house still stands until this day. (That’s where there at -25th place in Chicago), pretty awesome huh?

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“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday a day of rest. So we’re doin’ the same. On Fridays we’re taking it easy on posting. Therefore, our hostess is asking a simple question for you to answer; nothing that requires a lengthy response.If you’d  like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the very friendly place of Islandlife808.com. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends and find new followers! 

My question is: Do you grow a vegetable garden, and if so when are you going to start and what are you growing this year?

Yes I do, but the last couple years its only been tomatoes, but this year we’re back in the yard,  I think I can do it this year,  & I do plant tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, and zucchini,

Wasn’t that fun?  Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and THANKS for stopping by, and following me.   Oh!  Don’t forget“MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME”.   This week’s theme is  a “FREEBIE”!   Hope you ALL had fun last week with your songs that make you laugh. You guys had me in stitches.  I promise we’ll do it again soon by popular demand.  Looking forward to seeing you all and  BRING ALL your friends.  HUGS  & Have a great weekend!

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