Apr 172012
Recently we found a leak in our front room ceiling.  Hence, new ceiling & what comes with that, but sanding & what comes with that “DUST”!  So, my vacuum is about… oh let’s see we’ve been here 12 yrs. and I got it at the previous house four or five years before that so yeah, I’d say it’s pushing 20 yrs. 

So, what do you do GOOGLE!  I found a  Miele vacuumcleaners I began to read about it, and my grandson has allergies really bad, and so does my son-in-law, and sister-in-law.  I do, but they’re not that bad yet.  So, when I look at products I don’t read what the manufacturer says, I read what people have to say in reviews. This one sold me,These high-quality machines are known for the relief they provide asthma and allergy sufferers. Not only are the vacuums powerful cleaners with some of the most powerful motors available in a vacuum, but the unique Miele vacuum bags offer extra allergy protection. Essentially, Miele vacuum bags are two vacuum bags – or two layers of a soft, cloth-like material. Some of the Miele vacuum bags also feature a motor filter and an air cleaner filter.  These bags are incredibly easy to remove and replace to the Miele vacuum cleaner, and are quite reasonable priced. The fiber filtration system used in the bag actually traps 100% of allergens. In addition, the synthetic fiber system prevents the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria, as well as having a three-ply filter system that is stronger and less likely to break than paper.

Miele vacuum bags use advanced technologies to make them even more effective in filtering and trapping, pet dander, mold, pollen and dust. A Miele vacuum cleaner will leave your home much cleaner than a traditional low-end cleaner.  Miele vacuum cleaners are very compact models. In fact, Miele vacuum bags look quite small when you first open up a package. But this is a case of small being powerful. The small bag will hold far more than you thought possible.

I mean whatcha think?  How can one go wrong with a machine like that.  Personally I enjoy breathing clean air, how about  you?

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We finished the outside project.  Whatcha think?  We LOVE IT, and my husband designed it! 

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