Apr 212012
Spike Seasoning Magics!
SPIKE®, the seasoning that has been elevating flavor from “Blah…” to “YUM!” for over half a century in the world’s greatest kitchens is now available to us IN TEN DIFFERENT VARIETIES!
Hello everyone!  I have been cooking with many different spices ever since I learned to cook, and who better to learn from then your grandmother, and mine was born in Palermo, Sicily. The think is I have venous insufficiency, which means I not only contain water, but my blood flows down, but forgets to come back up right away (in layman’s terms).  I dropped salt from my cooking and I’m talking no taste.  Where did the flavor go?  Then I was introduced to Spike Seasoning to liven things up.   The flavors… and just reading gourmet on the bottle makes me feel tingly inside like I’m cooking something special in deed. 

  I love to cook, and although Gram taught me the basics among other people (Dad was a chef in the Army), I love to experiment.  Many of our meals are called “Moody Surprise” (our last name).  This evening I made Pork Steak used Spike’s meat tenderizer, garlic, salad gourmet on the meat.  Many of my readers have different ailments or are just aged adults where they’re watching what they eat & the younger moms watch for their weight.  They come to me with questions & I just give answers from my experience.   Spike’s all natural on every bottle and many are salt free and for salad’s and I put them on my veggies, in my salads meats and even on my scrambled eggs.

TEN DIFFERENT VARIETIES!  Be still my heart.  SPIKE® Salt-Free Magic!, SPIKE® HotNSpicy Magic!, SPIKE® Vegit Magic!, SPIKE® Vege-Sal Magic (nummers)!, SPIKE® Garlic Magic!, SPIKE® Lemon Pepper Magic (very nice on fish)!, SPIKE® 5-Herb Magic!, SPIKE® Onion Magic! – and SPIKE® Tenderizing Magic (great for steak)!   SPIKE® is THE Healthy-Lifestyle Seasoning & it’s in my house & it could be in yours. With SPIKE, great health and great flavor go hand in hand, and check this out.  Dr. Oz listing Spike Seasoning Magics as an alternative to table salt.  They were featured on his show a few weeks back.  He also lists it as a great resource to help fight bloating and belly bulge.  Check it out…  http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/bloating-101-how-beat-bulging-belly?page=2#copy

Hand in hand indeed!  You mean right into my hand!  Woo Hoo!
I’m not kidding!  Spike’s 5-Herb Magic for example, my bottle is sooooooooooo empty!  Thankfully even my neighborhood grocers carries Spike’s!  What more can I ask for?  An Italian without her spices is like a hat that doesn’t have a head to sit on!
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