Apr 242012
So if you’re like me, and you wait for the sales, the clearance and the coupons NOW IS THE TIME (include echo effect with that statement – thank you)!  hehehe  You should see some of these outfits cute, but yet daring, and as it says SPRING CLEARANCE SAVE UP TO 5O%!  Totally cool!

I’ve got to tell hubby about this one!  “Lover’s Day”, oh I like that.  Yes indeed I like that a lot.  “Lovers Day” is just too cool! There are too many cool things you can get on this site other than sex toys too! There are sexy outfits, games, DVD’s, books, lotions and creams and even candles etc.  Love their variety, and as you can see many, many ways to save.  So, so far I’ve shown you 50% on Spring clearance, and 20% sitewide for our “Lover’s Day” (I just like the way that sounds even better then Valentine’s Day! ~snicker-snicker~

Here’s more ways to save & things to check out:
  • Save 20% on all orders with coupon code XOXO


  • Save 25% on all Evolved Novelties products and plant a tree –
  • Save 30% on all rechargeable California Exotics products –
  • Leopard Print Thigh Highs with Garter Belt
  • Milk Made Nourishing Bath and Shower Bubbles – Now let me add one thing here the Beauty and Body products edenfantasys has is of a wide variety.  Bath and body, lotions & oils, massage candles, massagers, and massage kits for a great massage, mmmmm can’t you just feel it already, and of course for great care for smooth soft skincare for you man to go mmmmm, and a variety of make-up.



Also at the top of the site you’ll see a tab that says PROMOTIONS; I always check that out first.  They also have forums you can join, and reviews you can read.  There’s so many things to do there you could spend the whole day there, and not get bored.  They also have two tabs such as SHOP/PLAY.  If you want to play there are many ads in video form that you can watch.  Forums, Interviews, Profiles, Displays and even Classifieds.  So come on spend the day and have some fun just for you.  Have some “ME TIME”!

Now here’s the best part for your “ME TIME” winning a $55 gift certificate from Edenfantasys enter our rafflecopter!  Have a great day ladies and/or gents & GOOD LUCK!

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