May 052012
Check it out everyone DIAMOND CANDLES?  I’m kiddin’ right?  NOT!  They’re 100% soy candle with a surprise “diamond” gift in it worth from $5 to $5,000 AND they’re having a… wait for it…. wait for it… CONTEST!  Who can get the most people to sign up I think is what it is.  So, my friends, my buddies my bosom pals, my fellow bloggers PAAAAAAAAAA LEASE!  Just click the following link –

  !!!!!  YOU’RE GONNA RIGHT?  JUST CLICK AND ENTER!  WOO HOO and you can try for one too!!!
Really, check out the video.  Ultimately cool.  DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND!  HELL YEAH!  So again one more time PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALEEEEASE take a look-see and then enter the contest – or not… but check them out!   I want one of these candles so bad! Please help me to win one.  I’ve shared on FB, twitter and now here and e-mailed all my friends!  Okay, I’m a pain in the butt, but you love me….you really, really love me…. RIGHT?  CONTEST ENDS MAY 7TH!
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