May 062012
  Dave drafted these plans the year after we moved here (Dec. 99′ also we eloped at that same time), and hasn’t looked into until now.  Guess he takes after his Daddy who was in advertising and owned an company doing the same.  Moody & Harrison Advertising Co. in Chicago Downtown many moons ago.  He would have made his daddy proud, but not as proud as I am of him.

Porch is built, but waiting now to be stained.  This will take a few months because the boards are treated.  You can seen the stain of green (treatment) here and there, and once that is gone we can stain.  Hubby has already sanded the top railing and my special railing Dave had them build on to it to help me up and down the stairs that’s extra sturdy.
It’s gonna look great!

AFTER!  Here’s the semi-finished project of the porch and patio along with our new malibu solar lights.  

 Hope you all like it!  Hope you’re having a wonderful day.  I must go rest now.  More later.  I get my shots on Friday and then “RETURN OF THE SUPER GIRL”!  To get as much out of life as I can in just about two months and then one month of hell AGAIN then another shot… this is my life.

Hope you all liked it.  Oh and one more thing most of the supplies and the next newbees were bought at Home Depot, Menards and Walmart.    Have a great day!

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