Jun 032012

From Dave:  Basically, you know you had a good vacation when having to go home feels like being evicted!

“No tan mucho como eso… mas como esa”!   Esa es la vida!

Key Lime Cove Right next to the front desk is all their awards.  So what does that tell you?
We were met by the nicest most helpful lady, Cathy and she explained where we could park so we could get to our room easily, and we were on the 4th floor right next to the elevator (very convenient for me).  

Outside terrace to have lunch or a drink at “The Crazy Toucan”

And then we went to the restaurant there called “The Crazy Toucan” A Margarita Grille!  Oh yeah!  Great Service! Great Scenery and most important Great Margaritas… ooops I mean Great Food!  ~snicker~!!!  They had this terrace too that you could have your food out there or just a drink and see the entire water park.  It was so cool!  I soooo want to go back!  LOOK for their logo in my side bar it will take you right there to their website!

See I was there too!  I hardly take pics cuz I always have the camera LOL
We had breakfast by the sweet shop & Eve the waitress she was polite & so helpful.
Scenery during breakfast!

 The rooms were clean, loved the bright colors and every thing looked so new and the most important part the bed & the pillows were so, so comfortable.  Not like usual hotels where they’re like sleeping on the floor.  The sheets were so soft and the towels too!  Now that’s a plus with me.  I hate scratchy towels & these were great and plenty of everything.  You wanted for nothing in this room.  Flat screen TV (not that we watched it, but we did when we wanted to see the weather channel), and there was WIFI or whatever they call it for my laptop so I was able to talk to y’all at home and tell you what a great time I was having and as you saw I sent some pictures already!  It was Dave’s birthday and naturally I told everyone!  ~hehehe~  So, here’s some more pics… oh and everyone I mean EVERYONE was fantastic.  Kathy was even going to set up a behind the scene tour for us, but we didn’t have time, so maybe next time.  I’d really like to see that, an Dave too.  Maybe we’ll go back for an overnight trip.  We took a walk around the place oh the stores, the scenery, the stores, the scenery, the stores, the cute things for children to do with games and the slides and swimming and the big bucket and the stores, and the sweets counter and they have… wait for it… wait for it… STARBUCKS COFFEE & I had a coffee mocha with white chocolate the waitress EVE who was very nice suggested it and even put a tad of whip cream, but used skim milk for me & it was SO GOOD!  Breakfast we had like an egg, ham, cheese muffin and they’re cheaper then McDonald’s.  Very reasonable and tasty!  We sat a table by the window & looked at the lovely scenery and everything was so clean & well kept.  I can’t tell you enough how satisfied & happy I was with this entire place and trip.   OH!  Did I mention the COOL STORES???  

I had to get this.  Isn’t this just too cool.  Music in the air like I was in Jamaica!

So, before I get carried away you really have to look up this website and see for yourself.  I have so many pictures I’d love to show you, and I’ve been showing them on Wordless Wednesday etc. every since we got back, but here’s a few more that I love and then stay tune for the BEST PART OF THE TRIP MY PARADISE MIST SPA SERVICES… OH BOY, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS. – STAY TUNED FOR PART II!

Our little get away!
Familys with or without kids.
A kids paradise and yet fun for couples to get away and have some fun, and spend quality fun time with each other and 
let the child within go bonkers!  Woo Hoo!
PART II to follow!
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