Jun 072012
 Diamond Candles,  the first time I heard of them was in a video that explained how they got started and how they were giving one away and I saw other videos of girls that already had a candle and how they couldn’t wait for it to burn down to get their ring and when t hey got their ring it was beautiful so I had to have one.  I tried to get votes every where, and although I didn’t win one I did win a consolation prize of 50% off, which I didn’t know about so that was a pleasant surprise.  They have high quality soy candles with a ring worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000!
So here’s my ring!  Ain’t it purrrrrteeee! woo hoo!
Sooooooooooooo check this out part out…. if you’re a blogger and would love the opportunity to work with this cooler than cool company to review and possibly giveaway one of their fun & mysterious candles, check this out; Diamond Candles is giving 100 bloggers who register with their information the chance to get it on and broadcast their candles!  Yep, review/give-away!  So you wanna huh>?  I know I wanna uh-huh! I tried their the Hawaiian Coconut!
It smelled so wonderful I was carrying my candle around the house for a few minutes in this room & a few in that.  hehehe
If you’re interested, definitely head over HERE and fill out your information!
Good luck to all you ring hunters and sniffers!  Who knows, maybe you will find the big $5,000 ring and you read it here first right here at XmasDolly’s LOL!  HURRY GO FILL OUT YOUR INFO… NO PUSHING.. NO SHOVING… WATCH IT NOW… ME FIRST!

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