Jun 282012

Hi Everyone!  This is my Weight Be Gone Thursday for me.  If you’d like to follow me in my journey you are welcome.  If you’d like to share your own journey feel free to sign my linky below, and I’ll come visit you or if you have a great diet recipe that would be appreciated very much. Thank you.  The reason I’ve started my journey is I had a rude awakening to the reality of life in that I’m not getting any younger, and if I still wanted to lead a fun, and  happy life I had to make  some serious changes. 

Okay, sad news here.  Due to the heat I’m containing water big time, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the three digits, and this mama is staying home with her feet up.  I’ll be blogging from our front-room  sitting in my recliner.  Oh well, ya gotta do what you gotta do.  I went to the Dermatologist yesterday for my legs.  It’s definitely diagnosed that I have cellulitis, and I have to start wearing these dumb sucks socks.  No more flip flops.  So sad.  I love my flip flops.  She said if I didn’t I would get ulcers and my skin would start weeping and I could lose a foot.  Tell me more good news!  Sheesh!  Forget that crap! Mama likes to dance!  Gonna have to do some serious dieting here.  I’ll start losing when I can exercise.  My shots have worn off back to a cane and walker, and July 11th I’ll be back to normal for another 2 months.  Soon as these practicing physicians turn into to doctors and stop practicing I can get it together!  IS THERE A FREAKING DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?

Okay, I weighed in at 253 and I’m saying 10lbs of it is probably water weight the way my feet and legs look so hopefully by staying in the air things will go back down.  I just can’t go outside any time soon.  I hate me!  Okay, I had my mammogram, and all those other girly test and I’m healthy as a horse I’m told.  YEAH RIGHT!  Wish my girls would tell the rest of my body how to be healthy.  I’ve been thinking on looking up Dr. Oz’s website.  Anyone ever do that?  Well, I’m going to and next week I’ll tell you if I found anything out.  Have a great week everyone and as usual if you have any cool recipes let me have some or if you want to share your own healthy/diet adventure sign my linky so we can share!  Hugsssss to all!

Have a great day everyone!
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