Jul 202012

Tatyanna Marie

Well, do you see this little girl?  This is my Tatyanna who is now 13 yrs. old, and couldn’t make it over to be a model for me, BUT I got you one just as pretty, and her name is Brianna and she’s my other granddaughter who is 11, and we had fun picking and choosing little tiny charms to put on her… 

Whoa, Bri we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves!
Eight different charms & being a girl I like this one, no that one or maybe this one!  That can all go on the hair charm extension, but I will say it is a tiny little clip and if you child has thick hair as my girls do I’d attach it to a barrette or just get one in the first place.  These charms attach themselves very well to pony tail holders too they are all too cute; why even I wore one in mine when Bri and I were playing with them.

Charm Hair Extensions! 

First of all check these out: 

We started out with the hair strandz to clip our charms on!
So as they say, “GIRLS ROCK”, and so many others, and we even saved a couple of feathers for Tatyanna.  Brianna likes “Bling-Bling” so she got a diamond ring and other trinkets as you can see.  They have pony tail holders, headbands, barrettes, and bracelets galore.  Your little girl will spend ours picking and choosing.  Why just watch this.

I’ll trade you, Na Nee for this one! hehe

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CharmStrandz are about having girlie girl fun, and even the boys can make bracelets or headbands and with a little creativity they have many sports charms too and even fire trucks, animals, etc. You should never stiefel the creativity of a child and with these charms their imagination can really go silly, crazy, funny, and just fun self expression.  Now the best part about all this is they’re affordable.  So…

Do you want charms that match your style?  They have everything from feather charms, to sports charms, cool smiley face charms, awesome rhinestone charms and a whole lot more. You can even upload a photo and be featured on your own personalized bottle cap charm.

Today the folks at Charmstrandz is offering one of my readers the coolest new fashion accessory for kids, which is a choice of a charm extension with up to eight charms of your choice!


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