Aug 122012

Well, I have seen every one of these coming attractions on you tube, and I have to tell you where I’ll be on August 15th.   AT THE IMAX THEATER BY ME OF COURSE!  I have SOOOOOOOOO got to see this film.  Here’s one trailer that’s my favorite:

I love that part after he says, “Our kid just got to score the winning goal”, too cool! LOL  Come on don’t you think this movie is cool?  I know I do, and I want to see it really bad.  So, take the afternoon off and let’s buy some popcorn and a soda and go see a neat flick!
Well, actually three more!  WOO HOO!
“Timothy Green is this little boy who comes in, no one expects him, everyone thinks he’s a little odd, and he changes everyone’s perceptions of themselves.” -Jennifer Garner
This movie is bound for stardom, and definitely a classic!  Go check it out.  I am, but more importantly: 
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THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN opens in theaters everywhere on Wednesday,

 August 15th!
Disney has done it again!
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