Sep 022012

mmmmm datsa one tasty meat-a-ball!
So guess who’s having a party next weekend and guess who’s making authentic Sicilian Lasagna for her party!  So, being as that’s so much work I’m going to cheat a little and add Farm Rich (which I dubbed Sicilian meatballs when no one was looking), and guess who’s putting them right next to her Lasagna with my sauce all over them!!!  They are so good.  I’ve had them many times before, and they are just like my homemade meatballs.  I made impromptu meatballs (one of hubby’s favorites) one night and didn’t say a word that I didn’t make them and used Farm Rich original meatballs and he didn’t even know the difference.
FarmRich makes all kinds of appetizers too, which come in mighty handy when junior brings all his buddies home to do homework after school.   Mozzarella sticks & bites, breaded mushrooms, mini pizza slices, stuffed pretzel bites, meatballs and turkey meatballs just to name a few for maybe when it’s your turn to have the girl scout meeting at your house.  They’re easy to prepare and ready in minutes.
  If you would like to see the rest go over to their website and they have recipes their too, and see all the Farm Rich snacks.  They even have sandwiches for that quick dinner you wanted to make so you can make that club meeting tonight!
One of my lucky readers will win (2) two coupons for a FREE Farm Rich product of your choosing.

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