Sep 112012

PUREX INSIDERS, yes I belong to this group and I love it.  Most of their products are in my home.  I love the crystals especially to soften our clothes and sheets and makes them smell fresh, but this time a pleasant surprise.  PUREX MEETS SOFT SCRUB!  In fact, that’s Soft Scrub Total all Purpose Cleaners.  I could not wait to try this household cleaner.  So off to the powder room I went.  Check this out.  Now first of all let me tell you as you all know the back sure isn’t what it use to be so what I did was…

I took this Soft Scrub Total and sprayed down my toilet, and I used it everywhere and some on the brush.  Then I took some of this…

…and used in on my sink.  I washed them all down (even sprayed the shower curtain on the bottom there you know how it gets, and because we’re having a party this weekend I did all three bathrooms, and I even did the master bathroom with the bleach one again just because I wanted too, but it’s like really cool.  You can either have a spray or put the tab down, and you can have foam.  I prefer the foam.  Totally company ready with soft scrub sparkle.  I really didn’t think it would make my bathroom sink sparkle as much as it did, but I knew it would clean and sanitize which is very important to me, but love love the shine!  Guess it’s true what they say, “Tough on stains, Gentle on surfaces”, and with my truck drivin’ hubby he comes home some times with some really dirty hands!  YUK!

Now not to get to wordy on ya (or corny lol) because I know what you’re waiting for here’s an extra added bonus from our friends at PUREX/SOFTSCRUB!

Soft Scrub Tough and Gentle Sweepstakes is going on right now too! You  can win $1,000 and 50 other winners will win $40.00 each! So how about that! All kinds of fun stuffs right?
  Here’s where you enter! 

Now also would you like to have what I have?  OUR WINNER will get two coupons to get any Soft Scrub Total, Soft Scrub Bleach Clean or Soft Scrub abrasive product!  Just enter below!

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