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Hi Everyone! This is my Weight Be Gone Thursday. If you would like to follow me in my journey you are welcome, and if you’d like to share your own journey feel free to leave your link in a comment and  I’ll come visit you, and read your story too! (For the past month I’ve had a linky, but guess no one else is on a diet lol). 

My journey starts due to the reality of life’s threats in that I have much to do & want to stick around to do it.  Okay, so last week in case you weren’t here I got this note from the doctor:

I apologize for the delay. There were several issues that needed to be addressed and clarified by the insurance company and they took their sweet time getting back to me.  Basically Humana will cover bariatric, weight loss, surgery for you as your BMI is above 40. They will only cover the sleeve procedure if your BMI is above 50 which yours is not.  They do require a psychiatric evaluation before surgery to be sure that there are no psychological issues that would cause problems after surgery. I would recommend that you make an appointment in our Psychiatry dept to get this evaluation. I will put in a referral for you to see a surgeon to discuss the bariatric surgeon. Humana requires that you see a “Humana Center of Excellence” for this. Lifeweigh Bariatrics is a center of excellence and they are the group that I send patients to so I would recommend them. If you would prefer to see someone else let me know and I can check, quickly this time, to see if they are a center of excellence.

 Humana will only cover the “sleeve” procedure if your BMI is &50 but will cover other forms of bariatric surgery, ie lap band, gastric bypass, with a BMI&35 Lifeweigh will evaluate you for these other options and the Psychiatry eval is required for any of the procedures. Sorry I wasn’t clear on this in my previous message.  MY DOCTOR – MD 

So, what it is if I didn’t lose the 38 lbs my insurance would’ve paid for the operation I wanted!  Now instead I have to do it their way!  So I’m gonna make this week short and sweet because there’s real nothing to tell, but I’m having one of these done because I cannot take the pain in my back anymore and it is traveling down my legs.  My shots are the 18th!  Halleluiah !  Now I have two months hopefully to get things in the works.  I made the appointment for the shrink and that’s not until October 20 something (gonna have to look that up), and give the other place a call.  So, here’s what I’m going to do.  I’ll keep you abreast of things as they happen, but I’m sure it won’t be every week, but it’ll be under this title on Thursday.  Wish me luck my friends and hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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