Sep 162012
Not that I know what to do about it because I don’t.  You can only hound someone so much.  You can stop following the bloggers who ran the give-away, but is it their fault?  NO!  It’s the company’s fault of course unless the blogger did something wrong like forgot to turn your name in.  BUT LET ME REITTERATE ONE THING!  THEY SAY IT TAKES UP TO FOUR TO SIX WEEKS & THIS IS TRUE!  If we get it sooner hooray!  So we must not get excited and not look at the date, which I was just put in my place and I feel bad, and to that person I apologize it’s only been 16 days SOOOOOO with that being said I got over excited.  My sincerest apologies!
 BUT  “What’s on my mind?” Well, I was just wondering how many people out there in blogland enter give-aways and don’t get their prizes. Spend their precious time every day tweeting them & sharing them not to mention the hour it took you to enter them, and never get your prize? I will start first. Yes, I am one of those people. As of right now I’m waiting on four prizes one as far back as June 7th. Although there was one a year ago where I won a wig that I never got. Isn’t that special? No matter how hard you try… POOF!… YOU ARE NOT ALONE MY FRIEND. Anyone else want to blow off steam feel free to leave a comment.  I  don’t care if you don’t even leave your real name.
 Thank you for I am not alone.  Now I’m not speaking ill against anyone or any company.  There are many great companies out there that get it to us in ample time and some times super quick and anyone who comments I’ll try to help.  So I think I explained myself a little better.  I’m only trying to help those out there and believe me I’m in the same position hounding a few companies who are probably trying to get ready for the holidays so ladies there’s another item of hurry up and wait!  LOL  Love you all, only trying to help you and blow off a little steam myself.  So join me in my steam party!  I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMIORE!  maybe

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