Sep 202012
Who’s that I see walkin’ in these woods?… Well, this one isn’t little red riding hood!

That’s right!  For Men, Woman, Sexy costumes, couples costumes, most popular and new for 2012 and even more importantly they have things on CLEARANCE!

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Size no longer matters when searching for the coolest costume ever!  Us ladies that are well endowed, and gentlemen that loves their wives cooking now whether it is a fantasy of a woman’s delight or Robin Hood outfit Costume Super Center possesses a full range of plus size costumes to make your next costume, theme-party or Halloween a complete gas!  Party hardy until you can’t par-tay no more!

We can’t all be skinny like this guy!

Sure it use to be a real pain to try to find something that fit us, but baby I’m telling you an attractive plus size Halloween costume is no longer a challenge. They have an extensive range of men’s plus size costumes and women’s plus size costumes at super low prices.  Don’t forget to like them & check out Plus Size Costume Super Center COSTUMES ON FACEBOOK on face book too! 

Greek togas or choose from a super selection of officially licensed characters. From humorous to scary to popular men can find the plus size costume that properly fits their needs.  Plus size women are sometimes shy about their size.  I know, but they have an inventory of plus size Halloween costumes that can help to diminish the sensitives, and exaggerate your positives. Become a saloon girl, pirate wench or dress as a French maid this year all at a great price!

Couples can really stir up a scene with one of many couples plus size costumes. Dress as Dog and Beth: your favorite husband and wife bounty hunter team or choose a more humorous Popeye and Olive Oyl set, the possibilities are endless.

Their selection of plus size Halloween costumes is one of the best you will find in

                                                one place – online or otherwise.


Womens Deluxe Velvet & Satin Cape

  • Plus Size Costume Super Center!
  • 50’s Sweetheart Adult Plus Costume
  • Deluxe Snow White Adult Plus Costume
  • Renaissance Lady Adult Plus Costume
  • Saloon Gal Adult Plus Costume
  • Madame Butterfly Adult Plus Costume
  • Deluxe Cinderella Adult Plus Costume

Most Popular

  • Pink Satin Lady Jacket Adult Plus Costume
  • Batgirl Plus Costume
  • Sexy Red Riding Hood Adult Plus Costume
  • Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume
  • Sumo Wrestler Adult Costume
  • Giggles the Clown Adult Plus Costume


  • Adult Plus Size 50s Complete Costume

Plus Size Halloween Costumes 

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