Sep 212012

My first born with her Grandpa’s hat on 1969!  Her son looks exactly like this picture.

1969 – My Dad, Me (six months before the above pic was taken) and my Mom – Yes I’m PG with my first child, and that’s my brother’s convertible 1966 Chevy out in front of our house (ours was the second house though you can’t see it).

             Question Of The Week
What do you love most about Autumn?   Color & the weather
Do you do anything special to mark the arrival of this season?  My Autumn is like your Spring because that’s when I do my Fall Cleaning for the holidays.  Spring time comes I only bring out the lawn furniture etc. and connect the hose.  hehehe
Have you written any poetry –  I have done some in my day.
Taken any photographs –  Some
Made any crafts –  I crochet in the winter time.
Created any special recipes?  No, I use to surf the web for those now I surf Pinterest!                   


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Question this week:  What do you do when you husband totally pisses you off?

I write this long e-mail how I’m right and he’s wrong and I save it for a while and I delete it and give him the silent treatment because later on I figure it wasn’t worth it in the first place anyway, but I still got it off my chest.  Never hold anything back.  Then I write him a small cold shoulder letter how I’m going to the store so he can have some me time, and usually when I get back he’ll say he’s sorry!  Works every time… unless I’m wrong after I think about it and then he’ll find a note on his computer screen “I’M SORRY”, but we never ever go to bed mad!

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