Oct 312012


Today I’ve got such a surprise for you!  Not to long ago I came to you with a video of PUREX TRIPLE ACTION  and how good it was for my husband’s jeans.  Him being a truck driver those pockets of his and everything else just get soooooo dirty.  Well, Purex Triple Action did do a good job, but I must say with this new Purex Plus Oxi with Zout stain remover is much better for his line of work.  He gets into that warehouse and crawling around looking for pipe mufflers, mufflers, brakes, and other types of car parts that companies order and need right away is what he does.  Finds, loads and delivers.  He loves being on the road and not a boss over your head all the time or being inside either.  He use to have that type of job, but was not happy.  So now I have to be happy and get those jeans clean so thanks so much Purex!

What a powerful combination of detergent and stain fighters to get the job done!  Woo Hoo!  Watch this! 
 There were a few questions on their link, and this is the one I chose to answer.  I’ve used many of their product and some of them stuck and some didn’t to be quite honest.  The first Purex I tried was good for my normal laundry.  It cleaned it very good and I love the smell, but it didn’t have that oomph…. ya know what I mean?  I needed that little bit extra for stain remover not to mention I’ve never been satisfied with my softener, but then they introduced me to their Crystals, which I use to this very day (blue or the purple – love it).  I’ve tried straight Oxi poured some right into the laundry, but it was very rough.. but did one hell of a job!  Now I have smooth, fresh and FABOUSLY CLEAN WITH PUREX OXI, and you can have it too!  Enter below!

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