Nov 022012
1960 – Guess who? hehehe

Well everyone knows who this is… it’s my Aunt Mitzi 29 yrs. ago & do you know how I know that because today is that little head  you see, Moreno’s birthday & he  just turned 30 yrs. old today! Happy Birthday Reno. Next to her is my Uncle Jim who passed in the 80’s somewhere not sure when I’d have to look it up. He was a Sgt. at the Cook County Jail for many years.  So you just didn’t mess with him, but he was a big teddy bear.
Do you remember what these are?
Or how about this?  All in mint condition.
Question Of The Week
Do you believe in the power of dreams?
Have you ever had a dream come true?
Have you ever changed your plans due to a dream?
Do you keep a Dream Journal?
Do you dream in color?
1.  I most definitely do, and I have proof.
2.  Yes, I have.
3. And I am answering these questions all about the same dream.  Answer to the questions, yes I did change the course of the dream.  I was 11 yrs. old it was a week before New Years when my paternal grandmother came to me in a dream, and she wore the light blue gown she wore when she was laid out & she said, “My love, your papa (grandfather) was going to be with her at the beginning of the year, but not to worry they would be together and happy.  Listen to her she said, and I want you to hold your father for me.  Hold on to him because it’s not his time.  Please remember that she said, and she repeated the same words.  It’s not his time.  New Years Eve we got a call that papa was real sick, and he was leaving the house when I got up & said take me too.  He said no and I through a CLASS A FIT because I kept yelling, “she said so, she said so”.  Although they did not know what I was talking about to shut me up I got to go with.  Then once we were there my Uncle called dad in the room, and I heard him say it’s time.  Dad got up & went in the room.  I tried to follow, but he said no & he closed the door in front of me.  Everyone was crying & I got to sneak in.  Papa died in my father’s arms & dad was spacing out and rocking him saying it’s okay now. It’s okay. I called, “Daddy”?  Nothing just it’s okay. I got on the bed and yelled & cried, “You stay with me.  You stay with me”.  Nothing.  I grabbed him and rubbed his cheek hard, “You stay with me.  You have to stay with me… Gramma said”.  When I said that he turned slowly and looked at me crying and it was like he came out of a trance, and hugged me then told me to go get him some water.  I ran to the bathroom and was back in two seconds.  My father was with me for 20 more years after that.  It wasn’t his time.
4. No journal.  Anything worth remembering stays there.
5.  Do I dream in color – not sure.


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Question this week:  Is you Halloween decorations down and do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

Answer:  Yes, I actually put a few things away last night and finished today while hubby was at work.  He has to carry the box downstairs though.  Yes, I do a tiny bit decorating for Thanksgiving, but about a week before Thanksgiving I start to do my Christmas village on my shelves because it takes so long to put it up, but it’s worth it when I”m done because it’s so darn cute when I’m done.

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