Nov 292012

To help us get ready for those cold blistering winds in the winter Carmex has sent me a sample of Carmex lip Condition!

carmex lip conditioner

Carmex I always associated it with cold sores, but since then I’ve become more familiar with the products of the brand like their healing lotion, and Carmex moisture plus (lip balm) that I now carry around in my purse all the time, but it looks like I may be carrying around another especially in this cold blistering wind of Chicago.  This lip conditioner I’ve tried for a week now, and it’s got orange flavoring.  I love oranges, and orange soda too.  So, now I have orange lip conditioner.  Go figure!!!

It’s creamy to say the least and it’s well in my opinion minty!  It has a cool feeling on my lips and this may cure me from licking my lips all the time too!  That would be sooooooo nice.  You really have to try this one.  It doesn’t make your lips feel like wet or greasy.  It makes them feel in comparison the way your hands feel when you put lotion on them.  Soft and comfortable.  It so not like chapstick for example that always made my lips feel waxy.

Carmex has been around an awfully long time.  Actually over 75 yrs. ago and it says here that the Woelbing family has been dedicated to moisturizing dry, chapped skin and tested it on family members… oh, and never on animals.  Oh cool, they’re even on facebook, and in fact I think I’ll go check out right now what everyone else is saying about it.  Why don’t you come with me.  ALSO, FOLLOW ME FOR THEIR 75TH YR. ANNIVERSARY SWEEPSTAKES!  CASH & PRIZES  IT STARTS DEC. 3rd so come & check out what you could win! While you’re their grab yourself a couple of coupons for $1.00 off!  They also have a give-away for Carmex moisture plus.  GOOD STUFF BABY!

Like them if you agree and maybe you’ll agree with me too!  I’m liken it lots!  I wouldn’t steer you ladies wrong.  Now maybe you young chicks out there just figure it’s for old broads like me.  Well, let me tell you something ladies.  These lips don’t lie! 

 Definitely a new product in my purse, and I shared one with my daughters & they love it too, and you know who else loves it?  My hubby when he kisses me.  He says I have some oh so smooth kissable lips!  Thanks Carmex!

PhotobucketDisclaimer:  The makers of Carmex, provided me with the products that you see here, but the comments, ideas and opinions are 100% mine.
Candy Canes

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