Dec 072012
Camille had her baby – let’s go welcome! CONGRATS TO HER & HER FAMILY! SMOOCHES TO BEEBEE! 

Anyway back to biz!  The other day Glitterbabe & I had our annual holiday brunch together, but she mentioned that I had lost weight since she seen me last & I didn’t realize how noticeable it is, but actually I’m going to let you make the decision.Photobucket

Xmasdolly, Glitterbaby & NightOwlMama 2011

So what do you think?  WOO HOO!!!!  By the way I lost 46 lbs. so far since last year and still workin’ at it.  So did my buddy Steph too by the way.  She’s such a sweetie, and check out her glasses she glitterfied them all by herself!  Aren’t they the best???  I love them.  DO MINE GLITTERGIRL!!!
Question Of The Week: 

What are your favorite holiday traditions?  Well, I guess mine is that I Christmas clean then Spring Clean then my infamous decorating because I really take a lot of pride in it.  Although not as much has gone up in the last couple years.  Since I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis I just don’t get around like I use too, but the kids & hubby tries to help, but when I’m all alone down it comes & then mama puts it back up her way! shhhhh  Then of course there’s this thing my daughter and I have with the gift situation.  My Mom use to cry over every gift –oooooo I love this boo hoo boo hoo & we all laughed “THERE SHE GOES AGAIN”. LOL So, now it’s between me & the four kids.  Once in a while one of does and we’re all laughing again, and of course I make the stuffing because my daughter loves it so much.  I think this year my son & I will be going to midnight mass again because he has moved back to the neighborhood & we can go together like we use too.  That will really make me happy.


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Question this week:   Are you a peaker?  Come on you know what I mean?
Okay, I must confess when I was a kid I use to try and peek every chance I could, but mom & dad always put out most of the presents after Santa came, but if I found a few I’d try unless it started to rip then I put it down and covered it up with everything I could.  ~snicker~  Now?  Nope!  Mainly because Dave doesn’t wrap nothing up until Christmas Eve or morning for pity sakes.  I’d tell him let’s get up it’s Christmas — open presents.  Ohhhhhhhhhh crap he’d say… okay make me some coffee I’ll be right back & 45 minutes to an hour later and after… “Marie, where’s the paper?  Marie, where’s the tape?… Oh, and Marie, where’s the scissors?  and my favorite Marie, where’s the mop?  I just dropped your present!!!  HAHAHA  He’s such a goober!!! 

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