Dec 112012
Prior to using Egyptian Goddess Lotion or soap!


Now that pretty lady up there happens to be my baby, and she came in to see her Mama and guess who corralled her into being a model? ~hehe~ So, let me tell you all about this wonder product.  They say their best-selling blend marries warm musk to clean, powdery florals for a sensual and light fragrance.  This lotion base is rich and moisturizing and is perfect for all over body wear is what the ad says.  I’ve tried the lotion on my arms and legs, and it is creamy and has made them feel extra smooth.  Also…


Egyptian Goddess Glycerin Soap
Bathing with Egyptian Goddess leaves a gentle residual fragrance that lingers on your skin.
Layer with the perfume oil for a fragrance that lasts all day.   Made from vegetable glycerin

  • Enhanced with Shea and Cocoa Butters to leave your skin soft and fragrant. 
  • Won’t clog pores.

So, that’s your description on the website, but we’ve tried it here (my daughter, granddaughter and myself). All likes the smell and I think this one I would save when I’m going somewhere special or doing something special if you catch my drift ladies.


There’s my two goonie birds!!!  Mommy & Son

So, would you like to try this product or maybe how about a stocking stuffer for that young lady in the family or a gift for Mommy! I’m sure she would love. Maybe Sis or your great Auntie. It’s perfect and now I’m here to tell you we’re going to do a give-away for my readers, and my sponsor has decided to give three of my readers

YOU can select from the fragrances at:

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