Dec 172012

So, my ol’ buddies at want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to my readers by offering a photobook give-away!  That’s right.  No chewing the fat, no nothing.  Just a gorgeous, wonderful photobook for you to put together, and you can make it anything you like.  Christmas, a birthday, children, vacation, a wedding or the one you love.

Looking at old pictures is fun too!  I have photo albums that were passed down to me, and of course my own when my children were little.  These pictures are taken in and out especially when someone asks to see it or borrow for one reason or another.  Taking them in & out of the album they can get torn, bent, just plain ruined, and lost forever.  AdoramaPix has a fabulous way to preserve those precious moments by putting them into a luxurious Photo Book that you can show off for years to come or pass down to your children, and even better you get to create it!

What an awesome unique gift, and first time I was introduced to it my daughter gave me one for Christmas!  How joyous to see such special pictures.  Just flipping these hard covered pages even if sticky fingers would point to baby’s face all I had to do was take a damp rag to wipe it off would make it new again.  Total relief came over me when I didn’t wreck the picture. This photo book is a wonderful keepsake I can pass down to my children, and them to theirs. is the place that you can check out this phenomenon, and start your own family keepsake.  Vacations, honeymoon or each child growing up.  There’s just so many possibilities.  They have many other products there too besides high quality photo books like calendars, greeting cards, gallery wraps, and they do custom framing too.

The ideas of what type of book you want to make is endless.  Baby books, grades school to high school, it could go on forever. The quality is fabulous to the extent it almost looks 3D.  They use Fuji Archive paper, and outstanding color that is not going to fade as the book ages.  .

AdoramaPix has generously offered one of my reader’s a photobook of the winner’s choice up to a $130 value.   AdoramaPix will contact you and give you full details on how to pick your prize.

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