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One day long ago I had a blind date my cousin fixed up.  It was 3rd of July 1991 & we waited for my date.  I soooo did NOT want to do this & my suspicions were right!  THE JERK STOOD ME UP!  grrr  But yet relieved.  The next morning I woke up to my pager (yes, I said pager.. no comments from the peanut gallery), barely awake I see a number I thought was my blind date.  Ready to give a piece of my mind I called it.  Little did I know on the other end was my destiny.

Yep, it was a wrong number, but three days later he talked me into meeting him.  My rock & roll star, and we’ve been together ever since.  Although I didn’t want to get married at the time (neither did he) because my babies were still little.  I wasn’t looking for a father for my children. They had one as bad as he was wrong or right.  So, they were my responsibility.  The only thing I was looking for at the time was a best friend for them & me which Dave provided.  Nine years later Dave had already moved in because we were with each other 24/7 anyway, & he helped me by paying me rent instead of some place he never was.  Dave got laid off.  Hard as he tried he couldn’t find a job that would stick.  One year in 1999 it was Christmas time, and he said to me, “Marie, I have nothing to give you but my name”.  Okay, everyone all at once now… awwwwwwwww, and we eloped.

We surprised everyone on Christmas Day.  Being 42 & never been married (& no kids I might add), his family was totally surprised.  They all knew me & loved me already so acceptance was easy for them.  My kids were really surprised.  I wasn’t a camera nut back then, but wouldn’t those made great pics?  The day we eloped believe it or not I didn’t even think of pictures & now I’m so sad about it.  No pics of my actual wedding day TOTAL BUMMER 🙁

Afterwards I was thinking about it, and I thought how selfish of us to take that away from my children & his wonderful mom & my BFF not to see her only baby boy get married.  So we planned a wedding in our backyard of our home.  Up went the canopy (thank God because it rained at the stroke of 4:00 when we were to marry again).  I cooked for the whole thing and set it up. Mom (MIL) had fun helping, and even let me where a Ivory colored dress of hers & she bought us our most lovely wedding cake, and my SIL played the wedding march on our piano.  My step-brother gave me away, and my son escorted every one.  My best friend and brother’s wife Donna was my maid of honor and my Tricia was my bridesmaid.  Except for the rain it went very smooth.  Dave said, “I do”.  My son introduced us as Mr. & Mrs. Dave Moody and off Dave went (he was the entertainment).  Here’s some pics of our special day.  Oh, one more thing hubby gave me a gift certificate for a manicure & pedicure for my anniversary present.  If you look at the Post below that’s what I gave Dave (a comment there would be appreciated – thank you).  So come with me as we walk down memory lane!  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

Duplicate wedding cake at 10th Anniversary
Original wedding cake
Here comes the bride!
Mr & Mrs Dave Moody – I’m so very happy!
Here’s the toast… and your turn.  If you would like to leave us an Anniversary toast comment below feel free!  I’m truly blessed with the most wonderful man on earth in that his goal in life is to take care of me and make me happy, which he’s doing a banged up job.  Truly the Lord has sent me my soulmate!  


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