Dec 292012
Mama has lost two sizes – woo hoo

Looking good!!!

I was invited to NightOwlMama‘s LEE PERFECT FITTING JEANS party at her lovely home, and I had a blast.  Such nice people, and it was a full house.  Sorry I couldn’t tweet the party, but my laptop didn’t like me that night.  The hostess was a delight, and the young lady that fitted me truly new her stuff!  I got a pair of Lee Jeans.

  • All day comfort
  • Slims & smooths your waistline 
  • All over slimming – INSTANTLY Slims you!  Woo Hoo this one is for me!

I also got a Classic fit straight leg.  You really have to go to their website for Lee Jeans.  You can save up to 70% off and get free shipping with their after Holiday Savings!  Such a deal!

This in home demonstration was a first for me.  They even gave me a how to find your perfect fitting jeans chart for…

1.  Boyish:  That kind of figure should look for a jean that adds a curvy, feminine shape.
2.  Hour Glass:  The hour glass figure is actually either an apple or pear shape. (See below)
3.  Pear:  This shape should look for a slight curve at the top of the jean because this will prevent a gapping waistband while also allowing for room in the hips.
4.  Apple:  The apple-shaped woman should look for a jean with plenty of room in the waist and less fabric in the thighs and legs.

So, that’s just a taste of the information they give you.   She even gave me tips on how to wash them.  I was perfectly satisfied (I’m never satisfied with jeans), and amazed.  Thanks NightOwlmama for the invite.  I definitely got a good education about Lee Jeans.  I even got my bling bling on the pockets!  Hurray!!!

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