Dec 302012

I might be joining the video making fun with MomPulse and me!  I’m giving it a go to see if number one I can do it or if I like it.  She gives you the types of videos you can do and you join in the fun.  So I’m going to try it.  Being my first try let me know if you like or you don’t like or you can give me pointers.  Those are always nice.  Enjoy or not!!!  If you don’t sorry!!!

Sunday 160 Redux 12-30-12


My good blog friend sharika usually is the host of this lovely hop but due to some personal issues she is taking a small break, and my other good friend Becca is holding down the reins till she is back.

1. SUNDAY 160 REDUX only uses 160 characters (including spaces)
2. You may write a story, poem , haiku or anything as long as it comes in a package of 160 characters (including spaces)!

3. You may do just one 160 or a set of 160. It is up to you!
4. Link up and have fun 

I want to go home wherever that is
I want to go back to where my family lives
My father, my mother, my brother are all gone now
My God why did you leave me here without them.

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