Jan 052013
Now you knew this was coming, didn’t you?
Dam, can you believe this?  Save up to 70%?

Costumes, corsets, lingerie, novelty’s, games, lotions, bras, gadgets and gizmos… you name it they got it and it’s all on sale.  Throughout this entire website just about everything is on sale.  Don’t cha luv it?

Men & woman’s adult toys, movies, books and games I say what more can you ask for in one particular place; and all you have to do is click on the Edenfantasys.com logo above, and CLICK you’re there!  

Now what haven’t I told you about EdenFantasys?  Hmmmm… well, they also have edens cafe!  Did I tell you about that?  No?  Girlfriend, do I have the place for you.  Check this out for example:

Monday, January 7th, 2:00pm
 EdenCafe Giveaway: Start your Year with More Pleasure: LELO Smartwands Giveaway
When:  Mon, January 7, 2pm – 3pm
Description:  EdenCafe Giveaway: Start your Year with More Pleasure: LELO Smartwands Giveaway
Head on over to EdenCafe to enter for a chance to win one of luxury prizes !

 They have Forums, EdenTube, Community, Sexix, Eden Link, Interviews, Profiles, Displays, and….. wait for it…. wait for it….  CLASSIFIEDS!  YES, I SAID CLASSIFIEDS!  You can sell stuff there too if you like or buy something!!!  

So, that’s it for now.  I’ll sniff my way around there some more and come back soon and tell you what else I found.  For now go have fun and you won’t find it hard to find all this.  Don’t forget Monday’s fun at Eden Cafe!!!  Have a greatweekend  my friends.


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