Jan 172013

So, remember the …

 Snooz Silky Soft Eye Mask

“An Eye Mask also called a Sleeping Mask is a device typically made from fabric that is intended to cover both eyes, the device has an elasticated strap that holds the mask onto your head. Place the mask over your eyes to induce a state of darkness or block unwanted light“.

Well, that’s all fine & good & I guess if you just want to crumble it up & stick it in your pocket or purse it doesn’t take up much room & that can be done & yes they are quite reasonable, BUT…. I have tried these, and my personal opinion they do kind of slide all over your face when you’re sleeping or at least it did to me, but they may be because my hair is long?  I don’t know, but I am here to tell you of a very cool, efficient and does the job eye mask.

Here’s mine (it’s so cool)… check it out!


  • Large Eye Cavity Area 
  • Fully Adjustable Strap
  • Light weight, cool temperature on the face
  • Excellent Light Blocking
  • Washable

  Cool huh?  A friend told me that the masks are different classes.  The one I first reviewed is an economy style kind of a basic airline style mask at $3.95.  This one is a luxury class & is high tech.  Very sheik don’t you think?  If you will notice you don’t really see any stitching do you?  They barely weigh anything so it’s very light on my face and comfortable.  I also love how big they are so they kind of hug your obicularis occuli muscles (eye sockets), and up to the corragator muscles (eyebrow), and the wider strap is not only more comfortable because of the width, but it is easily & fully adjustable.  

Dreamlite Sleep Mask comes in various designs & I guess I was feeling a bit patriotic when I chose mine also if I’m on a plane there will be no question that I’m definitely American (lol).  So, pretty cool huh?  How would you like one?  Well, we’re giving away one, and all you have to do is enter below!  

Oh, just one more thing.  I know the last time I did a review for Dream Essentials the experience was less then delightful.  The person I was dealing with has since moved on & I got a personal apology for the owner of the company, and assured me of no problems.  So, far things are running smoothly, and many thanks to Dream Essentials.


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