Feb 022013


Welcome to Saturday Snaps.  This is a fun meme where you can feature your photos and we certainly feature ours too.  Naila-Moon also picks a “winning” photo every week to be featured on her blog for the week. (upper right hand corner of her blog). This is totally done through random. org… Will it be you?

So, here’s a couple of photos of mine.
This is a baby blanket I crocheted for my grandson when he was born!

This was a pillow and blanket I crocheted during the 9-11 crisis.  I was so confused as what to do this is the only thing that made me feel better!

This is a lap blanket I crocheted for my mother, and when she passed I use it now for myself.   

Thought I’d share my goodies with you.  You like?  It’s very soothing, and calms the soul.  I’m seriously considering starting another one just because!  Have a great weekend and why don’t you join us and share your favorite snaps!  Don’t forget to come back on Monday for some rockin’ & a rollin’ at our Monday’s Music Moves Me… IT’S FREEBIE WEEK!  OH YEAH!!!
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