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Okay it’s no secret that I’ve been an American Idol in the past, but not so much now.  So, let’s turn back the hands of time, and see what’s going on with my old American Idols today!  Now we all know who was the very first American Idol…

So who was No. II – American Idol.  Do you remember?  velvet teddy bear Ruben Studdard
Together – Ruben Studdard
Okay, who was our III American Idol – Fantasia “Bitter Sweet”
Carrie Underwood – American IV in “Blown Away”
Taylor Hicks American Idol V  in “Just to feel that way”  Okay now I was going to put his song here, but I swore I would never post any song I didn’t really care for.  Taylor Hicks is one of my least favorites so instead I’m posting the American Idol No. VI – JORDAN SPARKS
YOU so got to love this girl… in 

Celebrate (From the Motion Picture “Sparkle”)

but not only Jordan Sparks the Great (late) Whitney Houston!  ENJOY!

OKAY OKAY OKAY!  YOU ALL KNOW WHO MY AMERICAN IDOL IS (Come on now did you think I was not going to Post this.  Straight from O’Malley’s Pub Saturday Night 2.2.13  the DESIGNATED RIDERS in “Cheap SunGlasses”!!!  featuring my hubby!!!

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    Hey! Look at your in your fancy DOT COM domain. Congratulations, my friend!!!


    I love that song by kelly clarkson. i think she’s been one of my favorites for a while eventhough she kinda keeps her profile on the downlow.

    Oh! And hi! I’m new to the music train, but ive been reading all of Les/Rory’s every Monday, and I’m glad to join you all in the fun. Can’t promise I’ll be as consistent as Les, but I’ll hop in whenever I can. 🙂


    Any time is a good time for music. You are always welcome. 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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