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DSC06471I went to Adoramapix and made my very own Photo Calender, and it wasn’t  hard to do at all.  I picked out the pictures I wanted and put them where I wanted, and they supplied the background and POOF!   Instant Photo Calendar for my office.  As you can see there’s silly Dave with my youngest granddaughter.  She is so fascinated with our music man!  For February I have Dave and his buddy Mike holding up a “Designated Riders” sign!

DSC06464This cute Photo Calender sits on my wall in my office right next to my desk for me to see every day!  It’s like I almost can’t wait to see another month go buy so I can see the next picture for a while.  LOL  As I said though it was so easy to make it, and the people at Adoramapix are so easy to work with, and no question is silly.  Their service department is so nice, and eager to help.  Their  calendars are printed on professional quality archival photo paper,  hand crafted and inspected for color and density by a trained technician.   In fact, I still have mine from last year because I save them for the pictures.  They are so professionally done I’ll have my precious photos for a very long time I’m sure.

DSC06470This being the cover of my 8×8 Calendar (it’s hubby pointing my cane at the Calendar on our vacation – silly man), can you see how much fun you can have putting these together.  The quality of the calendar too… oh, did I tell you that you can actually wipe off these pictures with a damp rag & nothing will happen to the paper or quality of the picture?  Yes, for real!   Also, AdoramaPix.com is the place that you can check out this phenomenon, and start your own family keepsake.  Vacations, everyone’s birthday in the month they’re in, your wedding or honeymoon or your child’s activities in accordance to the month.  Now wouldn’t that be fun?   There’s  so many possibilities.

Adoramapix has many other products there too!   High quality photo books, greeting cards, gallery wraps, stickers and they do custom framing too.


The calendars are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Album, a professional quality photo paper (the same paper they use in photo-books . Your images are checked for color and density by a trained technician, and because they’re printed on photo paper, will last long after the year is gone!   You really should stop reading now, and get over there and see for yourself.  Leave a comment and let me know what unique idea you would do!!!  Would love to hear from you.  Ciao Everyone & thanks for stopping by!  

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    We have made photo books before.
    Looks like a good company.

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