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11155_172382227856_3288709_aRecently, I ordered a Buzz Light Year Balloon from Birthday-in-a-box for my Grandson because he’s turning  five years old thumb

this March, and I wanted to make sure I have everything I want to get him on time.  I found this, and I know he just adores Buzz Light Year (one of many Disney characters he loves), and he’ll be tickled to see one standing next to him, and big as he is.  

 DSC06483 This is how it comes.  Flat, and in a cushioned envelope.  The instructions are quite simple actually, and I will probably take it up to our Dollar Store down the street or Jewel and get it blown up for him when the time comes.  I can hardly wait to take a picture of the two of them standing side-by-side!!


Also, at Birthday-in-a-Box I ordered full party supplies with the theme of Cars, which he also loves.  It has everything in there from paper plates to table cloths and plastic forks and spoons, streamers, and even birthday candles.  Birthday-in-a-Box also has so many savings too.  Right now they have a 50% Off all tableware!  Half off!  Such a deal!  Guaranteed in-home delivery dates, and take advantage  of their best deals and promotions by visiting there coupons tab with so many offers, but I will tell you what  I really like about this site is it is Norton Secured!  Now, that’s something to know just to make you sit back and relax, and just browse to find that something special for your special child.  They even have over 1,000 personalized items.   You can get $20 free  personalized items if you spend over $50 in non-personalized  party supplies, and $40 free if you spend over $100  in non-personalized  party supplies.     thumb (1)

To infinity and beyond!   Isn’t that what he says?   The Buzz Lightyear Airwalker  (that’s what he’s called at their website) balloon will float around my little birthday boy  just  as if he  was walking in space, and he’ll be one of his very own party goers!  Oh boy, I just know that this Buzz Lightyear Balloon is going to stand out  more than any other toy decoration there, and I’m going to be NaNee of the year!  ~snicker-snicker~    Here’s some information about Mr. Buzz Lightyear Airwalker for you in case you would like one for your little boy, nephew or grandson!

  • Buzz Lightyear Airwalker balloon measures 40″w x 53″ h.
  • Each Buzz balloon is sold individually.
  • Each Toy Story Buzz Lightyear balloon ships flat as stated above.

I’m extremely satisfied, and I know my grandson (our birthday boy) will be very happy too!

Shawnie b-day 4 yrs. old


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    Really cool and I bet he loves it!


    Oh My I for got to say Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! 🙂


    Happy birthday to the little one, I bet the party was a big hit!


    I mean I bet the birthday party will BE a big hit. 🙂


    I like that idea to take the hassles out of buying everything separately!


    Oh, he will be so excited.
    Like this idea.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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