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NICOmate is a premium electronic cigarette, and the best Valentines present you could give the one you love!  I was a smoker for 34 yrs.  Yes, I know.  Shame on me!  A thing I tried to be accepted into the cool group in high-school, but little did I know what I was doing to my lungs back then.  My father died of lung cancer!  One day when driving home from work I felt a very heaviness on my chest.  So much that I felt like some one smacked me with a lead pipe.  I throughout the cigarette I was puffing on, and crumbled the pack of cigarettes on my car seat.  That was back in February of 2000!  I’ve been smoke free now for 13 years.  (Pat on the back goes here)!  Now, I have sons that smoke (not my daughters), and a husband, and I’m trying to get them to quit.  I was fortunate that I was so intent on quitting that I went cold turkey!  I did pick up another habit for a while and that was chewing gum & eating.  Yes, I did gain the weight.

This day, and age they make a product to help people with such a horrible addiction that they charcoal their lungs.  I’m sure everyone has seen that picture.  Well, I have something for you, and it’s called NICOmate, a premium electronic cigarette, and I have a smoker here to tell you all about it.  My son…

These electronic cigarettes are relatively new, and many smokers are totally unaware of this product or that it exists, and that it can dramatically improve their quality of life.

how-does-the-electronic-cigarette-workQuit smoking with electronic cigarettes.  If you’ve tried gum, patches, medication and nothing has worked, try eCigarettes by NICOmate.com
The NICOmate Premium electronic cigarette is a light weight smoking device that offers smokers a tar-free way to enjoy smoking and give them the freedom to smoke anywhere they want. NICOmate electronic cigarettes deliver clean nicotine through a cool vaporized liquid.  Inhaling the vapor offers the same feel and taste as traditional smoking without the tar, carbon monoxide, or cancerous carcinogens. Smokers can finally regulate their nicotine intake without harmful side-effects attributed to the tar and additives contained in real tobacco products. Save money and rid your life of harsh tobacco smoke once and for all!


Check out the company blog at http://www.nicomate.com/product/electronic-cigarette-trial-offer  Ooops!  Did I let the cat out of the bag?  Yes, there’s a trial offer!  Click on the “Rush My Order!” button to begin  their ecigarette free trial program today!

Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Offer – Ecig Trial Program by NICOmate


So, do you have that special someone you would like to try this life saving product? Enter below for a Disposable electronic cigarette kit…

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
The NICOmate E-Cigarette Starter kit comes equipped with everything a smoker held hostage to tobacco companies needs to make a full transition away from tobacco cigarettes. All kits come with 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 2 electronic cigarette batteries, and 5 cartomizers. Cartomizers are the portion of the unit that resembles a cigarette butt and contains the liquid nicotine that is converted into water vapor when used.

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    That you can take it anywhere. It may help you quit smoking


      Good Luck my friend! My son is trying it now, and the really believes in it, but remember you have to believe in yourself first. I quit cold turkey 13 yrs. ago so it is possible to do! This will help you!


    I would give this to my friend Rob. He has been trying to quit smoking for a while now.


    I would love to be able to quit. I work at a hospital and we aren’t even allowed to smoke at all during our shift. We aren’t even supposed to smoke on the way to work.


    I would love to try this need to stop smoking


    You know it is so heart breaking that Canadian Government has banned e-cigs in the country whereas people can smoke conventional cigarettes. We all are aware of the fact that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. you can measure the nicotine intake in case of e-cigs.. This is absurd, I did go through so many electronic cigarette reviews so as to quit conventional smoke…Looks like all is going in vain

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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