Feb 162013

Alrighty then… Saturday Snaps, and I’m hooking  up with Naila-Moon at Just the stuff ya know to show some snaps I’ve been taking here and there… So what I had today for you is some snaps I’ve taken around town.  ENJOY



DSC06410I took some pictures of some flowers I saw when I went to visit my friend in the hospital.  They were lovely in color, and it made me feel like Spring is getting closer and closer!  WOO HOO!

clematis2-fushia jacoba

  3 Responses to “Saturday Snaps”


    Oh, at first I thought Dave had brought them to you.
    Very pretty flowers indeed.
    The link is up and I already added your name. 🙂
    ~Naila Moon


    They are pretty. I love roses.


    Those are beautiful flowers! Hope your friend is feeling better!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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