Feb 202013

You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you, so you better listen up!

Gently Blends Away Gray
Non-permanent Color
Lasts 6-12 Shampoos



So tell me are you satisfied with the color you’re in?  Are you afraid to put the dreaded “HAIR DYE” on your scalp?  I have been coloring my hair ever since high school, and in my Junior year I started Beauty School, and we practiced on each other with every haircut, hairstyle, and hair color imaginable.  It was fun, but later in years my hair felt like a horse’s tail.  Broken ends and the dreaded “fall out”!  OH NO!  NOW WHAT DO I DO????  Well, my friend you’ve come to the right place.


#755 Light Brown

CoSaMo Love Your Color, No Ammonia, No Peroxide Hair Color

CoSaMo’s “Love Your Color” collection is a semi-permanent hair color that I’ve been waiting years for!  I’ve been dying my hair since high-school, and boy what I wouldn’t give for virgin hair again.  Well, now you don’t have to give up that virgin hair.  CoSaMo has come up with NO PEROXIDE, NO AMMONIA, and is PPD free.  CoSaMo’s believe that they should give to the hair, and they do it without any type of developer.  Now, unfortunately I had ordered the wrong color for myself, but not for my daughter-in-law.  So everyone meet Jenny!  She’s our model for today!  Say HI Jenny!

Jenny is one Happy Camper!
Well, I guess Jenny is too busy admiring her new product.  When I asked her about what she liked the most about her new product she stated it didn’t smell nor drip!  She hates when hair dye drips all over the place quote unquote LOL!!!  What can I say CoSaMo is the safe alternative way to color those grays too!!!  Jenny has premature graying and she said this one really hides em’!
So, do you want to try it for yourself?  You can you know.  Just enter below!

clematis2-fushia jacoba
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    I am not sure I learned anything new. I color my hair too. In fact…
    I would choose this color: LOVE YOUR COLOR HAIR COLOR #779, DARK BROWN

    This is a different giveaway. cool

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