Feb 232013

Alrighty then… Saturday Snaps, and I’m hooking  up with Naila-Moon at Just the stuff ya know to show some snaps I’ve been taking here and there… So what I had today for you is some snaps I’ve taken around town.  ENJOY

Why don’t you snap around with us and see what everyone else has too!  Leave your link so we can come see you too!


So when was the last time you seen one of these types of viaducts?  Actually, this one was taken when I went out to see an old friend out in Northbrook, Illinois.  It’s a nice town, but more for the ritzy people I guess you would say!

DSC04909I use to come here every day to work.  This is my old boss’ house in Northbrook.  I always said this house reminds me of Tara in “Gone with the wind”!  I wish I could show you pics inside of their winding staircase and their baby grand piano.  Boy, talk about how the other half lives.  Isn’t it beautiful?  He was an old retired attorney (well, he never retired, but he didn’t have any clients either).  He was a sweet old bird and all he did was tell me about his old war stories and I typed up his memoirs, and came to work in my flip flops and shorts & top.  What a sweet job!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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    That’s kind of a cool job you had for that gent with the fancy digs!


    I have seen a few of those viaducts but not many.
    That place is beautiful. It is nice to see how the other half lives once in awhile but then….
    Lovely photos you took today for Saturday Snaps my friend.
    Have a great weekend.

    ~Naila Moon



    fancy-smancy … love the arched drive-through too. I can’t believe you don’t have any snow? I am buried & freezing in it, bbbrrrr. (sorry I’m late with a response to WW, hope this love counts xoxox)


    I live in Western PA and we still have lots of viaducts some of which are rather old and historical while others are newer


    That house is pretty, and I’m glad you enjoyed the job. 😉


    Coming to work in flip flops to type memoirs sounds like my dream job! And that’s a charming house to boot!

    Hi Dolly, I’m just dropping by, wandering into your Saturday Snaps post. Will be back for MMMM 🙂


    That house is gorgeous! I can only imagine how the inside looks.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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