Feb 252013

I have joined Creative Bioscience 90 day weight loss challenge! Woo Hoo! Let me show you how easy it is, and is going to be. You see their products are already on the shelves of Wal-mart, Walgreens, Costco, Sunflower Farmers Market and tons of other retailers nationwide, but now they’re online where you can order their products to make it even simpler, and no excuse that you didn’t want to stop at the store or go out in the cold or it’s to hot! blah – blah – blah! Here’s the cool part, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Yes… BLOGGERS, and I’m going to do it too!



Now, this is the one I have chosen to help me shed those unwanted pounds Green Coffee Bean Extract, which you all know I have been trying to do to help out my back situation.  To day I have lost 56 lbs., but I am now at a standstill.  So, what do I do now?  Well, I’ve read each and every one of these, and I see that the Green Coffee Bean Extract is the one that I want to use.  I think the biggest reason is I liked when it said that the latest research shows that Green Coffee Bean burns fat fast.  Oh yeah, that’s for me.  Plus, on some research they did with some people they kept their regular eating habits, and they didn’t even hit the gym, and still lost 17 lbs. in two weeks.  Well, I know it’s not in my future to hit the gym any time soon, soooooooooooo as I said all these people did was take these capsules per the directions, and poof!  Plus, another thing I liked a lot is this is not a stimulant that will make you jittery and raise your heart rate.  My heart’s doing just fine, and I want to keep it that way that’s for sure.  So what do you think people?  Am I going to do it?  Would you like to do it with me?  Why don’t you check out Creative Bioscience website, and see for yourself.  Select a product you think you would be most interested in trying.  Read about it, and see if you think it would work for you.  For example:  Need to lose 10 pounds in 30 days?  They have a supplement for that or maybe you need to do a body cleanse before the summer starts you know, so you can look hot in that bathing suit you’ve had hiding in your bottom drawer.  Oh come on now, been there, done that!!!  They have a bottle for that too or maybe you’re looking to shed those last 5 to 10 pounds, but the door shut on you like it did me 🙁   You know what?  They have a supplement for that too!

Leave me a comment, and let me know what you think?  Stay tuned for there just might be a follow-up to this. 🙂  You know I love you guys!  Have a great day, and keep smiling people Spring will get here sooner or later!!!


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    Hi there. Because of your previous post regarding this product, I ordered Green Coffee Bean 60 capsules. I just received it the other day and even though I have only taken it a couple of days, I do notice that I am not as hungry as before. Need to lose weight before my son’s wedding and before I shop for my dress. TYSVM for sharing this product. I will let you know how I do!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a product and company that I have seen here and there, but I haven’t really payed too much attention to it. I unfortunately have to be really careful with the different supplements I choose to take but it sounds like they’re a good quality company that produces good quality (and healthy) products 🙂

    You’ll have to let us all know what happens if you’re able to do that follow up!


    I checked out the web site and everything looks interesting.
    Due to some different health issues I cannot take anything over the counter but I look forward to a follow up post from you. I will be interested to see if the proposed weight loss without exercise really does work.

    Good luck!


    Hi Maria! Just want to say Good Luck! Keep us posted…I’ll be rooting for you!


    Interesting. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you. Congrats on getting chosen to join the campaign that is fabulous. I’ll be waiting for your update

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