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So, this week our theme was picked by Our Spotlight Dancer a few weeks ago Kayla from The Eclectic Element.  She wants go with songs that  bring back  a good memory whether it be songs, commercial jingles, etc.

Oh my, now I really have to rack my brain.  Let me think.  Oh I know one.  This one reminds me of when my son was born.  If he would’ve been a girl I was going to call him, “Brandy”!

The next song was my Mom’s & Dad’s most favorite song & everyone knew it. “Misty” by Johnny Mathis.

A few years ago when I first started in Music I use to listen to this young lady’s music, and she was the one that started me liking soul/blues and gospel music. I also studied the way she sang and learned from her when I was in the band singing. She’s up their with the greats for sure. “JOSH STONE” in People get ready!

There is one commercial that I always loved because everytime it would come on my babies would get up and dance to the “California Raisins” they just crack me up!

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  14 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    Hurray for Misty! I miss playing that on the piano.


    Fab selection Brandy is one of them songs when someone plays and you say ohhh yes I remember that, and you can’t beat a bit of Johnny Mathis, Joss Stone is a brilliant singer 🙂

    Have a raisinlicious week 🙂


    I loved those California Raisins!


    Love all your choices, Marie – Joss Stone is a favorite of mine, and the California Raisins always crack me up! 🙂 Have a great week! 🙂

    Livin’ On A Prayer because Girls Just Want To Have Fun You Oughta Know, with a Hand In My Pocket see the Evolution of Dance


    So much fun hearing the memories behind the music, really enjoyed People Get Ready and that commercial is so fun. Have a great week!!


    Brandy is an old favorite of mine from the 70s. I had forgotten all about it and yes, I think of some happy days gone by when I hear this tune. Oh, I just love the California Raisins. In the mid-80s Hardees was promoting their breakfast with a weekly give-away of on California Raisin which I was collecting. I had all of them, which I displayed at work. Then I went on maternity leave and when I came back they were gone. I was told my supervisor’s kids took them. I never said anything because I had turned in my 2-week notice. Great fun picks to start the week off. It was a great pleasure to dance with you on Monday’s Music Moves Me!


    I hardly remember Brandy, but I did have a girlfriend from high school, Roberta, nicknamed Brandy. I always wondered how they came up with that. This was probably the answer. Misty, that is such a lovely song. As for the California Raisin commercial, it reminds me of the time we were shopping at Sam’s Club, and this husband was just eye-balling this million candlelight flashlight. You could tell he really wanted it, and then out of the blue, here comes wifey-poo. She flatly said, “NO!” The look on his face was so sad and downhearted. You just couldn’t feel sorry for this fellow.


    Nix that last sentence– You just had to feel sorry for this fellow. typo! Poor guy, it was like mommy telling sonny boy that he couldn’t have any candy at the candy store.


    I haven’t heard of Joss Stone until just now but I like her version!


    Oh yes, The California Raisins! HA!
    I have visited everyone up to my name but am on over load at the moment. So, I will visit everyone after me in a bit.
    Rock and roll my friend!


      Thanks! Very glad you enjoyed it! I know I should’ve probably posted this earlier, but if anyone reading this would check out the Post prior to this one & comment I sure would appreciate it! THANKS!


    Love the last one 😀

    Very nice list Dolly.
    Thanks for rocking!


    The only one I knew was California Raisins. lol


    so aorry i forgot to link up my post it totally slipped my mind

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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