Mar 052013

I thought maybe just pics would suffice here:

DSC06731 DSC06730DSC06724



That’s my review of our snowstorm.  Maybe more later!  Stay warm, and be careful!!!

TheresaKnott_SnowmanSign Xmasdolly

  5 Responses to “Winter Storm update from Illinois!”


    I know that it’s cold, but I get so much heat, I crave more cold weather. So I must say, lucky you!

    Royalegacy’s Wordless Wednesday – Spring Has Arrived in the Desert


    Man you’re front yard looks like ours! And it’s STILL coming down here o.O
    Rawr, I’m so ready for Spring…


      We’re neighbors so I so understand. Poor “Baby” tries to do her business out in front and she barely can make it to the patio. I feel sorry for the puppies. Stay warm and be careful. Well at least daylight savings is only about ten days away I think.


    yuck! I am soooooooooooo tired of winter. we have that same blizzard burying us right now, sniffles…
    I will be so happy when spring arrives. my colorful snow pics are HERE if you wanna peek ;o)


    OMGSH! I hear the East coast is going to be dumped on today too.

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