Mar 072013


What are you thankful for today? Link up below and join Naila-Moon and myself on giving thanks, and will come to see what you’re thankful for too!

What am I thankful for today?  Well, I could say I’m thankful for my shots because my back is feeling much better, so thanks to this guy…  Dr. Hung Tsang for giving them to me.  Dr_Hung_S_Tsang


And I’ll tell you how I feel about this pain.  There’s an old Lenny Kravitz son that will tell the story!  Now before I let you go this time I have a new plan.  I’m checking out a new doctor to fix this bugger because I’ve had enough.  No more putting a bandaid on it until next time.  Every three months I have two month of semi-pain free (tolerable), but I don’t tell hubby he’d feel bad.  It’s all mind over matter anyway.  After the two months I have one month of pure hell to wait for another temporary fix.  These shots are fixing NOTHING!  So, it’s about time Mama gets up off her duff and do something about it because I refuse to have anymore practicing physicians practicing on me.  I’m no ginnea pig!  So, with that said I have found a new Neurologist that I’m trying to set up.  IF my GP ever gets up off his duff and gets me my referral.  Still waiting on him to make his move.  After that I’m even changing clinics.  Oh brother it’s a long story…. don’t get me started.  So, here’s that song I was telling you about.  Remember this one?

boop-pearls+mirror_xmasdolly-GMTHave a great day!

  5 Responses to “Thankful Thursday & a Song!”


    So glad that the shots are making you feel better.
    Love & hugs to Yu!


    I, too, am happy to hear that your back is better. There is nothing worse than a bad back.


    Oh my friend, I wish you did not have to go through that. Of course probably not as much as you do. duh!
    ANyway, I think you are making the right move. You need new relief.
    Great song too.
    ~Naila Moon


    The good thing is that you were able to get your shots and that’ll keep you functional for a little while, but I agree that something else needs to be done! No more bandaid! There’s a point where enough is enough and it sounds like you’ve hit that point. Good luck figuring everything out my CM!


    love lenny and what a great post it’s always nice to find something to be thankful for

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