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I received these Pentel EnerGel X Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens from for review, and I’ve used these myself and I love the way the pen glides smoothly across the paper.  I do not like a scratchy fell.  I even let my granddaughter have a few pens so that she may tell me how she likes them for her school work.  She states the same, but going one better that she liked how the ink was an even flow, and didn’t skip like some pens do nor scratchy to the extent that it would rip the paper.  Their plane colors without design I like so there’s nothing distracting me when I write.  We both love the different colors basic, but yet bright.  In comparison to other pens they speak for themselves.  Smooth and gliding I believe is the keys words here.  Such pens should not labeled just as office supplies.  They should be put in a wider variety.  The Pentel EnerGel X Roller Ball Retractable Pens should be for all.  Office, students, SAHM etc. catch my drift.  Why put a label on something. I was a legal assistant for years, and if I found a pen that I liked I held on to it. Nine times out of ten though I’d be looking through my purse for a pen and be embarrassed that I didn’t have one because SHEESH a Legal Assistant/Legal Secretary/Paralegal and NOT ONE PEN IN MY PURSE! That tells you I couldn’t find one I liked. Where were these pens when I needed one!?!

Pentel EnerGel X Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens   I can tell you neither my granddaughter and I have no complaints about this gel pen nor have anything negative to say about the product, so that part of this review is over.   I mean how much can you say about a pen.  I do know when I was a Legal Assistant I wish our office supplier would have had these pens for me to use in court that’s for sure.  Court papers with their copies… oh, especially the copy paper was so flimsy these pens would’ve had no problem writing on them without tearing them I’m sure, and if these are Shoplet’s Promotional Product then they have got a really good promotion here!  You’ve really have to try this pen! When I asked Tatyanna (my granddaughter) if she liked the pen (and I quote), “NaNee, if I get to have a few for school, and my own use I will be your model and help you”, and a big grin and a blush. How could I refuse, and yes she got the purple one!

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Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    I prefer gel pens over ball-point and I have always liked the Pentel pens also. Thank you and your granddaughter for the helpful review!


    There is nothing like a good pen.
    I like the ones that glide so I would like this one for sure!


    I definitely appreciate a good pen ^.^
    Especially ones as colorful as those!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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