Mar 092013

”photobucket”border=”0"**FIRST OF ALL – PLEASE NOTICE” Most of you know that I have moved here, and am new on the block!  So, if you have an old button of mine you’ll have to exchange if for my new one!  Also, any other buttons you have for my meme’s.  Including Monday’s Music Moves Me for example.  Also, if you haven’t been getting any e-mail from me it’s because you have to sign up again!  So I think only nine people are getting my Posts 🙁  very sad!  Please make me happy again and grab my new button, and sign up for my e-mail, and of course follow me here too!  Let me know you did all this, and I shall come by you and make sure I’m signed up for all for you too!  HUGS TO ALL!

Alrighty then… Saturday Snaps, and I’m hooking  up with Naila-Moon at Just the stuff ya know to show some snaps I’ve been taking here and there… So what I had today for you is some snaps I’ve taken around town.  ENJOY

Why don’t you snap around with us and see what everyone else has too!  Leave your link so we can come see you too!

These are all my babies and grandbabies (except the second pic is my son-in-law & grandson)!

navypierScott and EdwardBubble Tonygone fishing


So do you think I’m a thinkin’ SPRING?????

boop-pearls+mirror_xmasdolly-GMTAre we having fun yet???  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY!

  4 Responses to “Saturday Snaps”


    I love it when you show off your ‘babies’. I do have one question though. Why is your one in a great big soccer ball? 🙂


    You and me both CM!
    My mind is on Spring ALL day ^.^
    Those are all great captures!


    Love the photos, the one of the huge guy really has me wondering, is he a line backer for the Broncos or something.

    Great pictures.


    Thanks for the heads up on the new button, the smaller one definitely looks better on my blog. =)
    I have also signed up to make sure I get your posts in my email box… I’m just SOOOOO behind in my emails it’s pathetic.
    I’ll visit when I can. HUGGLES!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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