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So, this week is March 11th The Cave Man (M. Richards) Music that tells a story of your life.  This can be a single all encompassing piece of music, or you can cut together several pieces, each that are about part of who you are & how you discovered music.

Well folks, not so sure about this one.   Oh, wait I have an idea.  I’ll let you grow up with me.  The first song I remember listening to is a Bobby Vinton song (my mom loved him), and this song is my Dad’s most favorite song (1964).  He use to sing it to me when I was little… (okay hold back the tears… sniff – sniff).

Omg The songs are flooding back now, so I’m going to have to pick and choose. Okay, are we having fun yet? I am! Now on to Graduation year! Oh boy, BEACH BOYS were in full swing back there, and Disco was on the horizon, but here’s one of my favorites! “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

So… I know we’re having fun, right? Now these next few are in my Rock & Roll period of my life and my minute of fame! hehehe I became part of a band. Now I don’t have a copy of the first band I was in during high school. “Johnny Apollo and his Apaches”! Okay, have you stopped laughing yet? REALLY! ~snicker-snicker~ We sang songs like “Hang on Sloopy”! Now here’s a surprise for you. I figured out a way to copy a film I have. I apologize for the very poor quality video/sound. It was done with an old camera. So without further ado FEATURING THE ONE… THE ONLY… XMASDOLLY performing with PERFECT CHAOS! UH HMMMM THAT’S MEANS ME! This is when a band named “Perfect Chaos”, first started. This was taken at Palos Pizza Pub. The songs are Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty “Insider” & “Joey” by Concrete Blonde (my oldest son taking the video).
For those who don’t know that song…

Now just one more this was at Peace Fest at McCarthy Park. I was featured on the keys playing, “Bad Company” & hubby doing lead vocals & I did back up vocals here & there too (we were only dating back then).

Sorry for the poor quality and everything, but we’re sending these out to be recorded professionally and put on DVD’s they’ll be much better then.  Hope you like them anyway not let’s HOP AND ROCK!!!!   Someday I’ll tell you the music that helped me grow up too!!!  My whole life has been nothing, but music and it sure helped out a lot and made life a lot more fun!

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  14 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    That was awesome! I love hearing you and Dave too! You have a nice voice.
    I saw your reflection in the video too. hee hee


    What a fun theme! And way too many cool tunes 🙂 Hope you are off to a melodious week


    Love the beach boy tune..brings back so many memories listening to it.


    Ooooh! I love all these as with Dominique they bring back memories especially Beach Boys

    Have a musiclicious week 🙂


    What excellent tunes for this week’s theme! I haven’t heard Bad Company in quite some time. Thanks for hosting the best virtual dance party in Blogosphere and for sharing all your rockalicious sounds on Monday’s Music Moves Me!


    Good choices today; this was a pretty good theme.


    Thanks for being such as great hostess!!!


    Oh how I loved Bobby Vinton music when I was a kid. I still remember the album covers, my grandma had the music (she played music a lot). This one was good! Blue Velvet was my favorite!!


    Awwh…you old rocker…these are great.


    Love Beach Boys. Congrats on your new site.


    Well thats a bit of a shock – All songs here are new to me. Bobby Vinton is known to me from Blue Velvet, which oddly enough I had as my Music Monday a few weeks ago. LOL. Thanks Dolly xxx Happy Music Monday


    I love the Bad Company song!


    Dolly I’ve not heard these before…*still wondering if the beach boys one is familiar though*

    Thanks for hosting and sharing. I’m a bit late, but always here.

    Have a great week girl!

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