Mar 152013

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 This week I’m going to do something a tad different.  I found this on facebook by a young lady with a very similar name to mine & I shall give her the credit with this, but I know all of you will love it as much as I did.  Check this out. 🙂
“To honor International Women’s Day, March 8: When the Lawrence, MA mill strike started in 1912 that we now know as the Bread & Roses Strike, owners wrongly predicted a quick end to it. They were shocked when they learned that enraged Italian women who had happened upon a lone police officer on an icy bridge stripped him of his gun, club, and badge, sliced the officer’s suspenders, took off his pants, and dangled him over the freezing river. Women strikers drove the police crazy. “One policeman can handle 10 men,” Lawrence’s district attorney lamented, “while it takes 10 policemen to handle one woman.” A horrified boss, described women activists as full of “lots of cunning and also lots of bad temper. They’re everywhere, and it’s getting worse all the time.” Thanks women strikers everywhere!”  by  Marie Chamberlin Leclerc  from Maine.


Question Of The Week:

  •  What excites you most about Spring?   Oh my gosh don’t get me started!  I think I answered that on… oh let’s see Wednesday and Friday, and… no anyway I love everything about Spring especially the great weather and the most important thing.. I GET TO OPEN WINDOWS!!!  Love fresh air in the house!



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Stacy has decided to put up a link for us for Aloha Friday participants because Kailani’s had her plate full and hasn’t had the linky up the last couple of months for Aloha Friday, so Stacy is bringing back the Friday Free For All so link up if you’re participating in Aloha Friday.  I did!  THANKS STACY AND I’M GONNA HELP YA OUT!!!  WANNA HOP ON OUTTA HERE?  SIGN THE LINKY BELOW AND FIND ANOTHER QUESTION SOME PLACE ELSE!!


and now a word from our Sponsor (ME):  My husband recently obtained some books from his sister from when he was little, and amongst them was a book called, “The Little Riddle Book”, which I’ve decided to share with you every week, so I’m calling this RIDDLE TIME!  If you’d like to join me Post one on your blog too!
Three men stand under an umbrella, but nobody gets wet.  How can this be?
A:  It isn’t raining!
What farm animal is a cannibal?
A:  A cow.  It eats its fodder.
ALOHA FRIDAY!“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is day of rest. So lets take it easy!  Now we’re asking a simple question & we answer. No need to get lengthy. Short & sweet is cool if you can!  If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog & leave your link above. Don’t forget to visit the other participants & follow! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends & new followers!

Question this week:  This week I want to gear my question toward the mothers out there (mostly – anyone can comment) with grown children.  In other words, children that are over 18 & not living in the home.  Ladies… excuse me.  I do so apologize.  Ladies/Mothers/Grandmothers too (did I leave anyone out?), tell me do you ever get insulted or hurt by these applications or surveys when you say there’s no children in  your house and you have no children under the age of 18 then the question stops.  YOU DO NOT QUALIFY.  Don’t you feel like yelling, “HEY, I AM TOO A MOM!  MY KIDS ARE JUST OLDER THAN 18, you dweebs!”

Answer:  Let me tell you it’s really starting to bug me because here I am I AM A MOTHER!  I don’t care if my kids are older than 18.  I have the experience (much more than a mom just starting), and I still have babies 9 grandbabies!  Do they not come over all the time?  Do I not play with them and they play here?  Do I not have toys in my house for them?  Do I know buy them things that they need and want for birthdays and Christmas or just because?  HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!  GIVE US OUR JUST DUES!!!  DON’T DISQUALIFY JUST BECAUSE OUR BABIES OUR IN OUR HEARTS INSTEAD OF OUR HOMES!


Have a great weekend everyone!


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    happy Friday!


    Hi popping in to see how your doing sorry i’ve been MIA it’s been a busy week but wanted to say hi before heading to Disney for the weekend


    That’s an interesting story, isn’t it??? I believe it too, women are feisty. 😉

    As for Spring, I just love it. I love everything about it, mostly I love the smell in the air, it just feels spring-y. 🙂


    Thanks for sharing the information about International Women’s Day. Very interesting. I am looking forward to Spring. It is rather chilly here for March but it will soon be hot. I am hopeless at riddles. You shared good ones. Take care and have a great weekend.


    Hi! I’m visiting from Friendship Friday 🙂 I hope you’ll also join me for my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution ( Happy weekend!


    Love the quote. I should upload a picture of my collection of women’s rights things. I have a Susan B. Anthony coin, t-shirts with some famous women’s rights activists on them, and a few other things.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!


    First of all, we want Spring! End of story.
    Do not mess with women scorned!
    It is very annoying to get by-passed like that. Not right!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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